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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for your feedback i totally agree with everything!   I need to make it finish when you get the green bar full and give a time bonus so you don't just feel like your waiting things out.   I agree with the music too, i made another game http://www.wordsmashing.com which has a bit more relaxing music, i should go for something like that.   Maybe ill add a bit of score no matter what.   Hopefully making the levels finish sooner will hide that bug you found! :D   Thanks so much for the great feedback :)
  2. I think C++ has mature fast libraries like boost, and every device will let you build things in C++, it's also fairly good and very fast.   There are a few things about C++ that you have to do that you won't with a high level language, things such as dealing with pre compilation, pointers ect. Also i feel like C++ can get very crazy because of the amount of language features eg marcos, templates ect.     More and more games are being written in higher level languages like JavaScript, a lot of C++ game engines let you program in a higher level language than C eg Unreal Engine lets you use UnrealScript.   Lee Penkman. Addicting Word Games Multiplication Master Word Smashing Word Puzzle
  3. Hi All!   Check out Multiplication Master Maths Madness Let me know what you think,   Here's the pitch.   Find numbers which work! Multiplication Master makes math fun! Beat the clock in this battle of the brains or create crazy combos! Multiplication Master Means Maths Madness!   [attachment=20112:multiplication-master-promo-sq-bg512.png]   Any feedback would be great!   Thanks everyone.   Lee Penkman. Addicting Word Games
  4. This open online course from Stanford is pretty solid https://www.coursera.org/course/ml (no AI knowledge required)   You can watch the videos for free without signing up for the course https://class.coursera.org/ml/lecture/preview   Lee Penkman Addicting Word Games Word Smashing
  5. I worked as a web developer for 6 months before going to uni.   I decided to go to uni (Computer Science) in semester 2 and caught up to people by doing summer school and extra papers, eventually i managed to finish my degree in 2.5 years :)   I was in a similar situation to you, it felt very easy at first but it quickly picks up. It was good because i had the option of taking on a higher workload and progressing quicker. You'll have an easy A+ for a while until things get harder around year 2-3.   For me after finishing uni with ~30k of debt in 2012, university has already been and always was, well worth it.   I went to uni at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Other Good uni's in Aus are similar i believe.   You certainly can work while you study, i got an internship after my second year for 3 months, a 5k scholarship from the company for my last year and worked at the university teaching for about 12 hours a week in my final year which all really helped me get through it :).   There are some very real benefits of university which others have mentioned, it gives you time to work on things you want and gives you a huge network of friends which will help you through your career/life and heaps of other stuff.   I would recommend that if you choose uni go with a more flexible course like CS because it gives you more freedom to avoid dull subjects/lecturers and move into doing things you like, i wouldn't want to do the general first year of Software ENG but thats just me.   Lee Penkman Addicting Word Games Word Smashing
  6. Nice article! Making games like pong, snake, pacman, space invaders ect is a great way to learn.   Checkout this open source word puzzle game i made with html5 Word Smashing Word Puzzle Game   The source code is on github, it uses JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and Python for storing high scores/achievements.   --Lee Penkman Addicting Word Games
  7. Javascript is going to be around for a long time.   Its a nice language and easy to use.   Duplicating code in different languages on the client/server is a problem, i like the idea of using Node/Mongo to have a Javascript only Stack.   Eventually it might get replaced by a high level typed language Similar to Dart or Go which offer better help from your IDE and speed but its a long way of.   --Lee Word Smashing Puzzle Game
  8. Yea crowd funding sites Kickstarter or Indiegogo are good, but you need something demonstrable to show to users i think, not many will want to read the whole 50 page, 14,000 word, focused Game Design Document.   I saw a well funded zombie game on kickstarter and these guys look like they are a good example to follow.   Hope things go well.   -- Lee Word Smashing Puzzle
  9. Word Smashing! Free Word Puzzle Game.   To play Word Smashing you move letters around to make words, battle with board space and now fight against the clock in the new Word Smashing Time Trials.     [attachment=16561:word-smashing-1.png]     You can find Word Smashing on facebook, Chrome Webstore and the website.   Whats next for Word Smashing? I'm looking at making a multiplayer version, bringing the game to more gaming portals and creating a mobile version.   What do you think about it?   Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated,   Thanks, Enjoy!