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  1. ezraanderson

    New Game: Dead Dark

    ~ Spent some time today polishing up the inventory stuff. Stats 1 : basic stats Stats 2 : load out Basic Crafting Menu. Searching boxes, the crate ICON is a filler icon from openart will be replaced in the future.
  2. ezraanderson

    New Game: Dead Dark

    Still grind-way at it. Here is a video from a while ago Alpha 2     been playing with some different lighting techniques for dynamic hard & soft shadows, much harder than I thought to integrate into a 2D game.   Here is a video from the other day of "the street light" test. Not very exciting, and the lighting still needs a lot of work, and might not even make it in to the final game. 5meg downloadable HD video much better than youtube quality http://ezraanderson.com/moai/collision_step/lighttest.m4v
  3. ezraanderson

    Moai SDK - LUA

    sorry, yes it advertising.   Moai is free however, and there are very little videos for it. I thought it would be usefull for some people thinking about getting into mobile development.
  4. ezraanderson

    New Game: Dead Dark

    @minibutmany   those are very good points. I haven't put any thoughts into donantion scheme, its just a filler page for now.       @orymus3   "Do you mean cross-promotion?"  thanks, i will think of something better then link exhange.   There was a lot of effort put into the ui. the ui was designed for tablets which works well but feels clumsy on the pc.
  5. ezraanderson

    Moai SDK - LUA

    ~:Sudo Bash Here are some demo videos of me working with the Moai SDK. It is an amazing framework, everybody should check it out. www.getmoai.com Moai uses C++ and LUA   Dead Dark  - Development Videos Click-->  Moai SDK – Flashlight Effect Click-->  Moai SDK - Fog of War Effect Click-->  Moai SDK - Moai SDK -TileMap Click-->  Moai SDK - Moai SDK - LOS Click-->  Moai SDK - Pathfinder Click-->  Moai SDK - Error Handling Click-->  Moai SDK - Screenshots Click-->  Moai SDK - Box2d Click-->  Moai SDK - Live Update Click-->  Moai SDK - Network Update Click-->  Moai SDK - Making a Map Click-->  Moai SDK - Screen Fitter Click-->  Moai SDK - Standalone Click-->  Moai SDK - Lua To Html
  6. ezraanderson

    New Game: Dead Dark

    ~:Sudo Bash Dead Dark is a rouguelike, zombie apocalypse survival game. You must survive and then die. Dead Dark is a multi-platform game, it will be available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad and Linux. Launch the Website Today And it comes with some cool content. Dead Dark - Important Links Click--> Our Website: http://www.dead-dark.com Click--> Our Gallery: http://www.dead-dark.com/gallery.php Click--> Our Videos: http://www.dead-dark.com/video.php Click--> Our Channel: http://www.youtube.com Click--> Our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com Dead Dark - Promotional Videos Click--> Dead Dark - Preview Click--> Dead Dark - Game Play Click--> Dead Dark - Menus Click--> Dead Dark - Stats Dead Dark - Development Videos Click--> Moai SDK – Flashlight Effect Click--> Moai SDK - Fog of War Effect Click--> Moai SDK - Moai SDK -TileMap Click--> Moai SDK - Moai SDK - LOS Click--> Moai SDK - Pathfinder Click--> Moai SDK - Error Handling Click--> Moai SDK - Screenshots Click--> Moai SDK - Box2d Click--> Moai SDK - Live Update Click--> Moai SDK - Network Update Click--> Moai SDK - Making a Map Click--> Moai SDK - Screen Fitter Click--> Moai SDK - Standalone Click--> Moai SDK - Lua To Html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions Does anybody want to do a link exchange? Video host for better quality videos? Have you liked us on Facebook yet?
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