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  1. Simple 2D Game Idea

    1. Why? Why do you want to create a game if you don't have any "good" ideas? If you don't have any ideas, why don't you just join forces with somebody else who does have ideas? And what do you mean by a "good" idea? What constitutes "good"? 2. Does "good" mean "there aren't already too many others just like it"? If you wanted to make a basketball game, the existence of other such games isn't reason enough to give it up.   1. I would like to create the game myself, because I've made games with others before, and I've often experienced work not being done or the project just never getting finished. And by a "good" idea, I mean an idea for a game that I would've played myself, and which would be popular for others as well. My goal is to create a game that others can enjoy, including myself.   2. If there already exists a game like that, why would anyone play my game over that one? Then I would have to create the game better than the other one, which would require a lot more work as I am only one person. 
  2. Hi, I don't know if this is the right spot to post this, but I'll post it here anyways.   So basically, I want to create a very simple 2d game for mobile platforms using unity, but I don't have any good ideas. I started creating a simple basketball game, but then figured there already were so many basketball games, so I stopped the project. So now I need your help to bring up some ideas.   It has to be a very simple, yet fun idea for a game, which won't be too big of a project to create. Examples of games I'm thinking of are Flappy Bird, Most games from Donut Games and Amazing Thief. Games like these are fun to play, yet they are still very simple   Hope to see some great ideas!   Thanks
  3. Beginning 3d programming

    I will be looking into Direct3d then, thanks for the advice.
  4. Hi,   Some months ago I started programming 2d games in C++ using SFML. I made some games like Pong and a small RPG. I feel like I know 2d games quite well now, and I'm considering starting to make 3d games. But am I ready yet, and where should I start? I don't want to use a pre-made engine like untity or UDK, but rather make my own engine possibly or use an existing library. But I need your advise on where to  start.   Thanks for any serious answers! ~Maroen