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  1. Quite recentely I found out this beautiful text editor for programming purposes. I see that its magic is hidden inside its so called "plugins" or something like that. Since there are a ton of customizations and since you're experienced in working within a development enviroment, I would like you to share your settings/customizations with the rest of us.   I've done my homework in Google, looking for any guides/tutorials and such stuff, but it seems that Sublime Text is more focused into the Web and less in GameDev. Personally, I use a Macbook to do my programming, thus I use XCode. However, many people suggest me to give a try to Qt. What's your opinion? I know that Qt is multiplatform IDE, but I always had this thought (obviously mistaken) that Qt is only for KDE stuff or Linux in general.   Just in case you don't use Sublime Text, you can either skip this thread or make some valuable comments about the text editor/IDE you prefer.     Thanks, Zeldforged
  2. Effective and More Effective STL

    Thank you all for answering :)   Unfortunatelly, I live in Greece and due to the financial crisis applied in my city (2nd largest city in Greece), the local library and major bookstores are closed -- for good. So, my only choice is Amazon 2nd-hand.
  3. Effective and More Effective STL

    Hello there,   so far I have read the following books:   C++ with no fear C++ for the impatient C++ Prime 5th C++ for Game Developers C++ Accelerated I suppose that I am ready to step into the advanced level of C++ programming and I think that STL is a good choice. Hm ? That been told, I would like to ask you if I need to buy all these three books:   “Effective C++,” 3rd edition, S. Myers, 2005. “More Effective C++,” S. Myers, 1996. “Effective STL,” S. Myers, 2001.   I know that Effective C++ is a must-have book (actually it is recommended by many users in these forums), but what about the other two ? Are they obsolete? What other books do you recommend for STL or more advanced topics in C+? and last but not least, when should I be able to start game development, like SFML ?   Thanks  
  4. Developing Apps/Games On Firefox OS ?!?

    That's interesting topic   I think you can write your game in C/C++, then export the LLVM code with Clang and finally port it to FirefoxOS using emscripten (from LLVM to Javascript). Yet, I am completely confused myself too.   Check this game for instance.
  5. Good game engine for beginners

    If you have no programming experience, I would recommend you to use Stencyl . It requires no programming experience and the best part of using it, is that you can publish your games for many platforms: iOS, Android, Flash, HTML5, Windows and Mac. I've recently purchased a course dedicated to Stencyl at Udemy, but I am not that impressed. Well, if Stencyl is not your thing, there are many more similar programs. Take a look to the following articles:   http://clicktobegin.net/tools/how-to-make-games-without-programming/ http://clicktobegin.net/tools/more-ways-to-make-games-without-programming/ Last but not least, if none of these fast-game software do not suffice, learn a programming language (such as Lua and C#) and dive into the real game development.
  6. Where are the .a files in SFML 2.0?

    Congrats mate! Every time you find a solution in a problem that gets you crazy, write the solution somewhere (like explaining it to children: step1,2,3,4 etc) or post it in your blog or something. Someone else might have the same problem or you might face it again, sometime later.   Well done ;)
  7. Unity examples/tutorials for a C++ programmer?

    If this is the case, then I'll suggest you take a look at the digitaltutors Unity tutorials.
  8. Unity examples/tutorials for a C++ programmer?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but considering what I've read into Unity Community forums, Unity uses C# instead of C++. Hopefully, there'll be a way to combine Unity with C++ but this is not the official way of doing things. Again, maybe I'm wrong. I've never make use of Unity, so ...   Let me quote some posts that might be helpful for you: That said, I think that's the reason why you don't find many resources available for C++ in Unity. 
  9. Terrain rendering?

        “It's the questions we can't answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question and he'll look for his own answers.” --  quoted from the book called "The Wise Man's Fear".
  10. I totally agree with the general idea of starting from scratch, make one step at a time, and be okay with it. However, there's a risk in making too small steps; so small that can be dangerous for over fitting -- similar to rote learning. It's crucial to understand the fundamentals instead of spending most of your time handling the nitty-gritty low-level stuff. All I am saying is that try to focus in the game programming part, take time to learn the principles and AI techniques, and do all that in an efficient way.    I suggest you accumulate some experience in 2D games, then move forward with 3D and finally join an open-source team (eg OpenMorrowind, etc).
  11. Waiting for the C++ books :)