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  1. Training, learning, training, ... http://t.co/kytzjfPyTd
  2. Are you Pondering what I am pondering? http://t.co/lccir03Tq6
  3. #French is such an impossible language! Too many little words.
  4. Time to start my week of #French.
  5. It is a good day today...deleting infernal Facebook account! #facebook
  6. Started writing a game design document... A man needs something on his hands. #project #game
  7. Are you pondering what I am pondering? #idea
  8. weymiensn

    The Profit Potential of the Niches in App Development

    This title misleads and the article is just not good. When he discusses gambling apps he talks about the merit of their potential profit margin, but he neglects to inform the reader about the legal mess they are stepping into, because gambling, even online gambling, is restricted by the national laws of countires around the globe and this might result in legal actions against you, the publisher! A good article discusses both merit and dangers.   Secondly, the everyday app part is just too generic and far too short to base any conclusion whatsoever on, especially the conclusion he reached at the end of the article.   However, the subject might be interesting if he alters the title and brings in more data to support his claim and conclusion, otherwise I see no merit in this article.
  9. Writing lines of code is a good way to calm down after a hard day... Is thinking this healthy?
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