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  1. Thank you for the reply and feedback I will learn to write and attempt to better my writing, I'm very sure if I can apply myself as a writer I will get better.Take care
  2. Good day my name is Adam , I am a 25 year old junior at University Of Baltimore, I am writing to you guys because I am interested in writing for video games, I have not written any specs or character dialogue but I am considering it as a major for my school career at the same time I am going to minor in computer science. I would like to know whether or not this is a good choice. I am also interested to know what game writers do I have a somewhat clear grasp of game writing as writing scenarios and narrative that works alongside the designers ideas and implementation, I do not have a clear idea what video game writing entails. I would like to know if this field would be a correct fit as it is something I have been considering lately and want to explore further.  I have a understanding of video game writing from playing games such as Mass Effect series ,Bio-shock series,,Dragon Age, and GTA IV. The main idea I want to know is what do game writers do, how can become a video game writer, is if a field worth pursuing if design and programming games isn't my strong suit and what resources and sites can I go to get involved with writing for games. thank you and have a good day.