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  1. A New Pixelated RPG Horror (Resources Needed!)

    Hello, my name is Roy Kelly, Chief Technical Designer of Coramed Studios, an amateur and little-known game design studio operating outside of Atlanta. I am an up-and-coming designer who is familiar with a few engines such as the Source engine, Unity, GameMaker and 3DX. I am here today for a few reasons, but I'll start with the simplest: I wish to create a 2D RPG horror game with that "pixelated" style of graphics many other game designers of this genre are so fond of. I have the idea down, the storyline, characters, and the dialogue. I only lack one thing: an engine to create it with! As embarrassing as this may seem for someone like me, I do not know where to find a 2D pixelated game engine of any type. I am operating on a very limited budget, so one that costs very little or is free would be appreciated. If you have any suggestions/information as to where I can find a 2D game creator engine, please do not hesitate to tell me.    Now, on to the game itself:    Name: The Curse of Waterloo    Description: You play as Maris Louise, second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is barely 4 hours since the Battle of Waterloo formerly ended. Worried sick and fearful of the Prussians who still occupy Versailles, you travel across France to the Waterloo site to search for your husband. Accompanied by Christofor Nicolai, a French spy, and two soldiers of the Old Guard, you make your way across valley and plain, only to make a horrifying discovery. Not only is Napoleon missing, but a ring of British spymasters have hatched a sinister plot against all of France. The formula for the famed Philosophers Stone has been stolen off of Marshal Ney, Napoleons most trusted officer, and they plan to use it in order to gain the ultimate power: the ability to grant life. With no time to retreat to Paris to call upon the Grande Army, and no hope for your missing husband, you and Nicolai must brave the powers exceeded only by the gods...alone.   Thank you for your time and due consideration.  If anyone finds a 2D game creator engine with pixelated graphics, please tell me. And don't be afraid to offer your opinion on the game idea: criticism is as equally rewarding as praise.    -R.K