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  1. Leslie Moonves - Download a Game!

    I made a terrible last minute code mistake last time I published. Game would not even start up with that. Now everything is corrected. If somebody would, please load FIXED binaries now (game EXE and APP files) Windows http://www.asklesliemoonves.com/LeslieMoonvesWINDOWS.zip Apple http://www.asklesliemoonves.com/lesliemoonves.app.zip Sorry, please meet my puppets, puppet Modesto expresses you greetings from runic writings of the web-site: 'Korablus-barablus'. Vasily Zotov web-site http://www.asklesliemoonves.com youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9tCj1kAn_4
  2. I have a Mac/Windows science fiction project with wonderful puppet Modesto and other 17 puppets. Please have a look at http://www.asklesliemoonves.com and let me know what you think. This art is against Hollywood which stole my artwork through their outfit for emerging artists located at 6374 Yucca street, Hollywood CA90028. They know what I am talking about. Project depicts corruption, happening in Hollywood, tranquilized police officer, and self guiding grenades, thrown by the Hollywood administration. There is also a deadly zeppelin, launched by Leslie Moonves / CBS, which you supposed to destroy in this episode of Windows/Mac game. Thank you for watching, I will continue as soon as possible. Vasily Zotov web-site (DOWNLOAD links, hit enter in the left bottom of the screen, then MAC/WIN at the top): http://www.asklesliemoonves.com youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9tCj1kAn_4
  3. Hello!   Come have a look at 'Bulilandoz Eric Nilsen' project with a new puppet Weapeson.  Weapeson is a wizard writer with the very unusual flares in the eyes at 0 minutes 17 seconds.   https://youtu.be/7sMonK5UsCM   Vasily Zotov  
  4. In my new scifi game title 'Paul Planet through the megapolis-2' have a look at the repair routine of hyper funicular on the quantum robots driven star shuttle. Vasily Zotov youtube trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlecBJLH2mc
  5. Welcome, welcome this bold attempt on World War II now, which is called 'Adventures of general Wudenkrup'. Wudenkrup is the general of Himmler's SS, who is the allied forces spy under cover. Game features some russian folk dance (position 0min : 10 sec - 0 min : 16 sec) and escape in the end  on the technical nazi invention, called 'gravitational blob' (position 11 min : 22 sec - 13 min : 43 sec) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4FFMLC9W5M and is happenning in the French place LeBalcon in the last days of war. Game is in Apple review now and will take a usual time there. Meanwhile there is a trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4FFMLC9W5M Interesting thing, look it up. Vasily Zotov
  6. Check out also my new site about the game http://www.paulplanetthroughthemegapolis.com
  7. My very first game with Apple was approved (AND NOW IN ITUNES, name 'Paul Planet through the megapolis'). I was lately working with spaceships and surfaces with chrome and... here we go. The hydroplane... I am kidding, but there is an engineering unexpectancy ( when the spaceship is landing on the caterpillars, in video from 7 min 55 sec ). youtube is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZKHJN8rU4Q Apple description is: Little knowing what will happen upon the delivery of the secret documents, in the world of rush and space craft hero Paul Planet escapes torture on the spaceship, parachuting above port Podloris, defeating the blue alien, and leading to the all victories victory. My life in the first class carriage starts from today on and... why else to watch it - there is a terminator bird in it of high military rank. if you tracked my progress before, for you definitely the new pieces would be from ( 4 min 10 sec to 8 min 34 sec ) and ( 13 min 57 sec till 14 min 59 sec ). Meanwhile I am returning to my barbeque of one in restaurant MacDonalds, if there is any comment, advocacy may be, you are welcome. -------- BTW : there is link below to my new theatrical - I shaved the beard like Steve Jobs in the movie about Apple.
  8. (new youtube address and new piece 9minutes:12seconds to 9minutes:47seconds ) http://youtu.be/WV2B1jB0Hm8  (New piece is 7 minutes 7 seconds to 9 minutes 9 seconds, if you watched my work before, I changed also letters on the space yacht, now they are Quake-2 styled - it is 0 minutes 7 seconds to 0 minutes 17 seconds,  so a little bit piece of fight with torn mechanical hand is missing and  THE ENDING  )  Thanks,
  9. A good story of rush and spacecraft   Parachute manipulation above the complex megapolis fighting against  spaceship with mechanical hand.   Blue alien throws in the air blue alien bakery - leading to all victories victory.
  10. Why to watch it - where else you should beat white and blue TERMINATOR bird with a FIRE REDUNDANT CHUTE. Taly Turow  The iphone piece of game:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnkXXhnu1yo  The theatricals (I returned to the studio - I am that bearded white guy  ) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsA7P99toOY http://youtu.be/1tmUX3n62Dg
  11. Hello! I got out of federal prison after 2.5 years of incarceration, so this is my first piece of game (it is the middle, so called relaxation of composition), it introduces two characters. Unique how much ex federal prisoners could tell for free right on this site, it is unclear where BURNING MAN appears from but unless I would see interest from some particular audience, you know, what I mean, it will be clarified in the next piece with naming all who and what. So this is it, your evening show with a man who knows many secrets, where characters live, love and die momentarily and monumentally. Taly Turow The piece of game: http://youtu.be/Ugys1HDdtDU The theatrical (I returned to the studio - I am that bearded white guy ) : http://youtu.be/1tmUX3n62Dg