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  1. My open source 3D game engine.

    Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster.   I figured it was about time I started telling people about this 3D game engine I've been working as a hobby. It's nothing special at the moment, but if you are idly curious, here's a link to the site:   http://mackron.github.io/GTGameEngine/   I can already predict that people will be wanting to know why I'm bothering with this, so I'll just get it out of the way: For fun To put on my resume There aren't enough open source options out there for a complete game engine package for 3D games The main difference with this engine over others is the integrated editing tools. Every game has the editing tools built right in. Shift+Tab will pause the game and open the editor.   Obviously I can't compete with the big engines out there, but I think I can focus on some more specific aspects to be somewhat competitive in the future. What I would like to focus on going forward is to create a great set of editing tools. There's still a lot of work to go with that, though.   You can build games in both C++ and Lua. I have a sandbox download where games are built using only the Lua scripting environment which is the best place to start if you actually care. The development process is pretty much the same as Unity, only everything is much less complete.   Documentation is pretty much non-existent at the moment, but I'm planning on doing a few basic tutorials soon. I have a basic editor reference on the site in the unlikely scenario that you actually care enough to even get to that point.   Everything is very early in development so I don't recommend doing anything serious, but I'm totally open to any kind of criticism and advice, constructive or otherwise.   Thanks.
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