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  1. Introduction Hello! This is my first time visiting gamedev.net & I want to start by introducing myself... I am 21 years old living in Syracuse, NY. I don't go to college but instead am utilizing my internet resources to learn. On my free time you can find me doing Web Site development, tweaking my computer (O.S. + Hardware), enjoying the outdoors, and of course playing some killer video games. I've been brought to a interesting stage in my life, that being - I know exactly what I'd like to do for a living.   History When I started searching for methods of creating video games a few years ago I eventually came across 'game engines'. This was the point where I was getting a better vision of what it took to make games. Now that it is clear what I'd like to do, I've been spending time experimenting with different game theories, playing mixed genres and creating design documents. I want to be the one to create the story/gameplay and everything that falls in between.   Goal Now that you know all about me, i'd like to ask for some community help in becoming a 'game designer'. So far, I have contacted a few people about starting a game. Due to certains things not being in place most of them have not been successful. If people could suggest the following it would be a great help:   Some good book recommendations on this career How I can connect with other people that would like to use their skills to create game Lastly, anything that you would like to contribute would be great (I'd like to hear what others think about this career and how to approach it without attending college first)              
  2. If I Design It, Will You Create It?
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