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  1. This is very helpful. I always thought about working "low level" because It will help me more with the hardware of electrical systems. My background is in Art and Invention. I always have to passion to build things. I decide to learn how to code and create electronics on my own.  I can really relate to this because I'm working on my first game and I don't know whether I should start with unity or unreal. It's going to be a 2d platformer game. I always started programming using console applications and I never touched graphics before. I am not a reading guy at all so I watched youtube videos and videos from Pluralsight. Honestly, C++ is a very long language to learn cover to cover and there's so much I have read and watch but still don't understand. I think my problem is that I see clearly how I want the game to be but I am having a hard time trying to implement and design a game the way I want it to be.  Is there any advice you can give me that will help me make games the way I want?
  2. Son_David

    Question about C++ game development

      As mentioned above you could use SFML   So I will consentrate on the unanswered part "My problem is I don't know how to think like a programmer.  ...  how to implement it" As you are a visual learner, I assume you will do well as a visual developer, so when you visualise a project, an idea or an application ....think of breaking  the project down to manageable parts. After splitting an idea down, think about which part is the core of your project and visualise a simplified version of it. Further more break this simplified version down until it becomes so less scary that you can tackle it head on From here on you should keep adding to it and you will begin to slowly build towards your ultimate target project    Also you should probably get used to writing things down a lot to keep track of the web of things (if you aren't already), because as the project builds up and things get more complicated you can so easily get lost from your own project   And very importantly -Try to use tools, middleware and game engines when you can   I write things down every day. I am always thinking about my projects and what can I do to make them the way I want. I will use this advice you gave me. Also, I forgot to mention that for one of my projects(2d game platform), I was using unity3d. It is still in progress because I get overwhelm working on everything from the art, audio, scripting, levels, etc. I choose unity3d because of the 2d game features but I don't like C#. Indeed, it is easier but it's more like Java than C++ to me. 
  3. Son_David

    Question about C++ game development

    I never thought about writing a compiler. Maybe even my own library would be fun too. That will be very interesting on my resume. Chess engine? Trading system? I'll do some more research with this. Thanks :)
  4. I have been playing around with C++ for a very long time(I assume).  All I ever create with C++ was console applications. During that time, I took a break from C++ and I tried other languages (C#, Html, JavaScript, Python, CSS, Java,Jquery,C). Throughout of those languages, I still feel like C++ is a straightforward language.  So far, I learn just enough of the basics to get started. A lot of people tell me to read the books but I'm not  a reading guy. I am a visual/tactile learner. After watching Kate videos on C++11 from PluralSight, I started to feel like C++ is much easier than everyone says it is. My passion is to make video games, software, devices, and much more  I have a lot of ideas and projects that I want to put to good use. My problem is I don't know how to think like a programmer. I know how I want it but I don't know how to implement it. I want to use what I know to think outside of the box.    What's the catch to getting off of the "Console application" shell? How to be more creative with C++?   
  5. Son_David

    Intro to programming

    I want to learn C++ first since I already started taking notes. Once I master or get the hang of it for some months, years or so, I will learn Objective-C, C#, and Java. What about Action script 3.0? Since I have flash player too, Can I learn that?   Additional Question:   Is there a scripting language that can possibly work for consoles? Like Lua or XMB(if I spelled it right)?   I want to at least learn how to program before I start making the video game I want. I don't have a team.
  6. Son_David

    Intro to programming

    Thanks...so no 3d right now, just work with 2d, right? What you mean about script language? I thought C++ is a script language as well as a program. C++ looks easy and understandable to me.
  7. Son_David

    Intro to programming

    Thanks. I would like some information about the "pong clone". Also, I feel like I want learn more about C++.
  8. Son_David

    Intro to programming

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this site and I'm interested in making video games for consoles(PC,SONY,Microsoft), apple, and android. My only problem what programming language is the best way to start out with. As for softwares, I have Unity, Flash professional cs6, and blender. I also learning sprites but is there such a thing as 3d sprites.   Additonal Question:   Before I even start making a video game, which option is better 2d or 3d games?   (Notice: If my grammar sucks to you, I apologize. )      
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