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  1.   I wholeheartedly respect and understand your point. Now that I have re-read my initial post, I might have sinned in using the reference to text-based game.    I'd like to add that I do not plan on following a programmer's career, at least not at present. The necessity to learn programming (or at least the very fundaments of it) is only a mean to allow for greater assertiveness when creating and contemplating the design of a game. This is not to say I won't take programming seriously --I just see it in a different perspective than someone willing to make a career out of it would at this point in time.   Still, I appreciate your feedback. All of the feedback at this point is relevant and much needed!     - Dialects
  2. Thanks for the input everyone!   I'm quite lost in terms of where I should start especially given the monstrous array of possibilities. For this reason, I'll stick to learning Javascript for now while I keep myself busy with the game documentation and mechanics break-down. I reckon working the concept down will be tedious --in the good sense, I hope-- enough that it'll keep me busy and away from any programming hurdle for a while.     Best of luck in RL to all, Dialects
  3.   This, I suppose, nails my concerns summarily.   It is not that I do not like Javascript. I am not familiar with either Javascript nor HaXe which is why I asked assistance in understanding what the main differences and applications between the two are. HaXe may look like an easy starting-point though given that it exports and is based on JS (correct me if I'm wrong!) I might be better off understanding the core principle of the language itself before I start using applicants and derivations thereof.   I currently do not have a team. It may be slightly naive of me to think I'll find one or two willing candidates. No payments are being offered as is and although the prospects may be high (at least to myself -- I've been a vivid gamer for quite some time. The idea I have for the game is enthusiastic to me. That's the ground my hypothesis is sitting on, I suppose!) I can still not guarantee that those involved will be paid during development stage.   I come from a Design background w/ predominance in Art Direction. If anything, it makes it easier for me to understand methodically how a concept goes from being an idea to becoming a representation of that idea. I'll possibly venture myself in running the two tasks simultaneously: Working the concept up & learning Javascript.   I'd like to deeply thank everyone who has commented. You've all been very helpful! To conclude it all, can you guys direct me to some Javascript tutoring/books/videos? I have seen tids and bits of information pertaining Javascript at Gamedev. I've also registered at Codecademy and have started the Javascript Learning Program. Is there more I should be doing?     Kind regards, Dialects
  4. Thanks for your elaborate reply, ram64.   You do raise a pertinent question -- what's my target audience? Albeit not much thought has been given to this yet it is somewhat safe to assume having a platform that is compatible with computers & mobiles is the way forward. 2D/Text-Based Strategy tends to gather interest from an adult-keen audience so I'll assume this to be my target audience to begin with.   I would like to ask for a bit more of detailed information when it comes to code languages. What are its pros and cons? So far these have been suggested:   - Javascript - Node.js (which I suppose is a derivation of Js?) - Java - HTML 5 - Haxe - Action Script (I've had some introduction to AS3 in the past!) - C# (Unity 3D)     A hands-on look at the cons and pros of these would help me greatly in understanding which may be the best pick. Take into consideration:   - It's a browser-based game. - Mobile-compatible is an option but not necessary. - It takes on several aspects of the games I've mentioned before (Rail Nation being the biggest in terms of GUI, Dynamics, Animations, Game Mechanics, etc) - I'm new to mostly all of the above mentioned languages. I have very little knowledge of Action Script 3.0.1, Python 3 & rudimentarily, HTML5 & CSS 3.     If there's anything else you'd like to know, ask away. I might not be providing the full-extent of information you'd expect out of lack of knowledge.     Thanks in advance, Dialects
  5. smr - Thanks for your kind and elaborate post. Given my zero experience with coding, should I go straight to JavaScript or would you recommend getting in touch with another language prior to Js?    BHXSpecter - I am aware of the difference between Java and Javascript. Not entirely sure what the difference(s) is/are -- just aware that they're different. Are you saying HTML & CSS comes to play when coding a browser-based game, too?   HyperV - Haxe being? Apologies. I'm not much a connoisseur at this point.   Edit: Just did a bit of research. By Haxe you mean http://haxe.org/ ? What are the advantages in using Haxe over hard-coding it by scratch and what's the learning curve of the language?     Thanks in advance, Dialects
  6. Hi,   Although very naively, I have been contemplating finally getting a go at creating/idealising (the two are very distinct!) a game. Amidst such event, I stumbled upon a technical question in need of answer. What's the best language to code a 2D/Text-Based browser-based game on? The question itself may be lacking in depth so I'll list a few game references:   - Rail Nation | Travian Games - OGame | Gameforge - Brain Storm | Genia   Perhaps this is a good enough draft?     Thanks in advance, Dialects
  7. Tvj

    Python 3.3 on Windows 8?

    I just realized...   All tutorials that I have seen (Swaroop CH's inclusive) suggested running the 'python3 -V' command line. Considerant of my child knowledge --or even perhaps, the lack of one-- I felt as though following the instructions to the letter. Turns out it wasn't the best solution, I suppose.   All is good though. I've already started learning Python and will continue doing so.     Thanks for all the support, Dan
  8. Tvj

    Python 3.3 on Windows 8?

    Thanks for the reply, however...   Both the above links illustrate a Java installation whereas what I am struggling with is Python's. I have, however, tried running the above steps with no success. Here is a step-by-step explanation of my procedures:   1. Download Python 3.3.2 x86 MSI Installer (Sources Included) from Python's website. 2. Run the application and let it install on default location (C:\Python33). All additional configurations/content was checked except for the last one "Add python.exe to Path" simply because I have read that it is advisable one adds the PATH Variable manually by adding ";C:Python33" to the end of the path's string. 3. Save the new PATH Variable and open Terminal up. 4. Type in "python3 -V", press Enter. 5. Following Error comes up: 'python3' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file     Et voi lá. Allow me to add that I have fiddled with the PATH Variable substantially by trying the following possibilities: - Allow Python's Installer to automatically add 'python.exe' to the Path. - Manually add ';C:/Python33' or ';C:\Python33'     Where am I failling? I must definitely be failling somewhere.         Best, Dan
  9. Hello everyone,   Before I get into the subject of this thread, I would like to thank GameDev for its brilliance and formidable catter for knowledge. This has helped wrap my mind towards understanding whether or not game development truly has a sparkle in me --which has been proven mighty true-- and subsequently find my whereabouts on how to get started.   Now as for my current issue...   How do you install Python 3.3 on Windows 8? The primary issue, as it stands, is not necessairly in installing Python but in making accessing the following:   - Setting the PATH Variable. - Running Python Prompt on Windows (by inserting 'python3 -V' command into the console and being given no errors)     Due to the inability to go through these stages, I have found myself being returned "Error 1" after attempting at doing the ever-so-desired 'Hello World' program. I am using Komodo Edit for this task though I believe the returning error is tied with having missed the aforementioned procedures rather than executing the program wrongly. Additionally, whenever I attempt at running the code for the Hello World program (namely, "print('Hello World')"), I get an error report saying that there is no command output/input of that nature...thus, I have somewhat concluded that the problem is either consistently within Python's compatability with the software (Windows 8) or undesirably related to my dumbness.     I am not sure this has been posted in the right section. Feel free to move it to a more befitting section of the forum if you feel this has no-place in the Beginners section.     Thanks in advance, Dan
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