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  1. Diogo Abreu

    Is Unity 2D worth it?

        Yes, that I do know, as I have learnt some stuff about Unity in the past, thank you. But what do you mean with "high-quality code" exactly?
  2. Diogo Abreu

    Is Unity 2D worth it?

    Thank you all so much for your replies. So if I wish to build it on Unity, you're telling me that there is no problem to build it for mobile devices and it is reliable? I don't wanna make the mistake of realizing halfway through that I need to make it in Javascript or another language to make it efficient
  3. Diogo Abreu

    Is Unity 2D worth it?

    Convert what? I've used Unity for a couple years now at work and nothing really rings a bell...   Maybe converting is not the expression I was looking for but I've heard that the user may need some Unity plugin to be able to play the game in their mobile device.
  4. Diogo Abreu

    Is Unity 2D worth it?

      Well Javascript actually, there is no Java in Unity3D, and it depends of the 2D game you have. If you can roll with C++ maybe better to go with a simpler route.   Nono, what I meant was, I either use Java and its tools to develop or use Unity.
  5. Hey guys, I've decided to make some projects on mobile game development with a friend, we are both very experienced in programming overall, and I have some experience in game development with C++ and Unity. From what we have seen, we can either program it in Java or C# with Unity, the problem is I HATE Java.   So my question to you is, am i really doomed to swallow my hatred and work with Java or is Unity 2D really worth it? I've heard that you have to convert it to make it operational and that may lead to slower and heavier programs etc. Thank you very much in advance.
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