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  1. @ChaosEngine - I think you are right. That is how I am approaching it. I just wish it wasn't SO easy. It is easier than registering the product! No wonder so many companies are gravitating towards cloud SAAS solutions.
  2. Thanks Apoch, just youtubed it and saw how easy it is to crack a serial key. sigh
  3. Can you tell me what tools you used to crack your app?  I've implemented a very basic scheme so far and would like to see what is visible to the potential hacker.
  4.   That would depend on what jurisdiction you're in, (Allthough i can't think of any jurisdiction in which it is illegal when you have the copyrightholder and system owners permission)   indeed:)
  5. not necessarily if we do it under the spirit of development testing and I give you permission to test my security.
  6. I c, so you could pass a function many flags in any order using hexadecimal form and descriptive #define calls. And what would the syntax look like to parse the haxadecimal to determine which flags where set once in the body of the function?
  7.   So would those flags be equal to:  PreserveTextInQuotes | RemoveEmptySegments | RemoveWhitespacePadding ?
  8. this function is declared as such: #define FLAGS_NONE (0x00000000) #define FLAGS_01   (0x10000000) #define FLAGS_02   (0x20000000) ... contextSetString(int flags, API_FIELDS field, char *value); When it is called, it looks like this: contextSetString(FLAGS_NONE, API_ENVELOPE_FIELD, "fopfsmvfdp...");
  9. when I finish implementing my licensing methods, would all of you try to crack it for me to see how secure my scheme is?
  10.   That seems like an interesting solution.   How do you reason with someone who wants instant gratification by asking them to make the choice between 'free' or 'at-cost'?  It makes it very difficult to make any endeavor profitable.
  11. Yes even the most sophicticated services like Halpeiron stipulate that if someone wants to crack your code bad enough, they will do it. So is it even worthwhile protecting your product?   what sophisticated solutions did you explore?
  12. I'm starting this topic to get general information, anecdotes, tips, warnings, suggestions, recommendations, ideas from all those out there who have ever implemented a licensing scheme into their application be it a licensing API/SDK or your own proprietary solution.   I've written a small program and have looked at services from Halpeiron, Safe-Net, RLM and others and have recently began implementing one solution into my app. It is a process of learning a new, and from the looks of the documentation, robust SDK that deals with areas of programming I have never explored before.  I do 3d math stuff.  This SDK deals with network calls, encryption, permissions, XML and really tricky code styles that rely on many many defines, function pointers, and many many funky functions that do obscure things that I can't find in a myriad of books that deal with 3d graphics programming.   What was your experience like?
  13. Thank you Servant of the Lord. I'm starting a Knights of St. John chapter. If you would like to join, just wish it so:)
  14. oh i c, thank you Servant of the Lord. In other words: A redundancy of no perceivable consequence:)
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