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  1. A new update after quite a while for this Text Based RPG (As you can see from the tags). The new features are:   - Fletching Skill (Making Bows) - Bows - Arena Bug Fixed   Download 1.8: http://www.mediafire.com/?h37bf3z2pg71xy1   Website: http://www.diversiongames.webs.com   Screenshot: [attachment=17571:ss1.jpg]  
  2. Oops forgot download link hold on! :p   Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?jhzea1b1vs1bhj7
  3. By The Way!   The "Missing Operator" happens when you just refresh the game, it should go away when you use the feature. Just letting all of you know
  4. Hello again! I'm doing quite Rapid updates lately :p BUT my game hit 100 Downloads! and to celebrate you can get a free "Legend Item" (Best Items in the game) from now to 7/13/13   Also, Someone has requested Screenshots witch I forgot to do :p ha, But from now on I will add them of the updates :D   ANYWAY   Version 1.7 Is here!   New Features:   - Construction Skill: (Build Houses, Shacks, Castles, etc) You can't use them but...you can build them for XP - Master Cape Bug: (Wouldn't let you achieve the master cape) - Total XP Feature: (In the Skills List I added "Total XP" just for fun) :)   SCREENSHOTS ADDED[attachment=16699:Screenshot 3.jpg][attachment=16700:Sreenshot 1.jpg][attachment=16701:Sreenshot 2.jpg]  
  5. Sorry about that, I completely forgot! :p
  6. Hello Forumers! Sorry for the short delay of the New Update Release, I had to add a few things. Here are the new features for Swords of Morovaith Text Based Game (Batch)!   New Features: - Hunting (Set traps and catch instances for XP) - Alchemy (Brew health potions that heal 10,000 Health) - Major Bug Fix (Wouldn't let you update the game) That is FIXED!   Not a BIG update but it's here! :)   Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?hx873wn66wpum82   Site: http://www.diversiongames.webs.com/   Report any bugs you see in the comments :) Thanks!   ~ Mod Slay   BE SURE TO PRESS "UPDATE GAME" ON THE MAIN MENU!
  7. This update is being tested right now
  8. Hello Forumers, excuse me if I spell anything wrong, i'm kind of tired :p   Anyway, if you have played my game "Swords of Morovaith" (Here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/645075-swords-of-morovaith/) you will know what this post is about.   I am releasing a new update for it, Version 1.6. It's not going to be a HUGE update but there will be two (2) new skills to master :)   New Skills: - Hunting (Set traps and catch items for an amount of XP) - Alchemy (Create Potions)   I have not found a use to the hunting skill but for The Maxing Reward (Getting Reward for achieving max level on the skill) Alchemy you will be able to craft Health Potions to use during duels. I may just keep hunting at unlocking new traps to use.   The planned release for this update will be around: 11pm (USA, Mountain Time) 12am (USA, Central Time)   Thanks :)   ~ Mod Slay
  9. Hello fellow forumers. I have a game my team and I made together. It's name (As in the title) is Swords of Morovaith. It is decided as finished but you never know if we will add another update. I decided to put this on GameDEV because the other site I was posting to CRASHED and doesn't exist any more :(      Anyway, this is a text based game that runs in Batch (Batch File). If there are any bugs or problems please let me know :)   Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ruedlk3dyoft7d9/Swords_of_Morovaith_1.5.bat    Official Website: http://www.diversiongames.webs.com