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  1. My Android Creature Killing Game

    Link updated to google play.
  2. My Android Creature Killing Game

    Any feedback please? :) I uploaded new version with menu and all the user friendly stuff :D
  3. Hello guys, I just wanna share some of my work in progress, its already playable but it has some glitches. In the game you have to press the buttons of elements in the specific order to kill the creature. Creatures cant pass the "camera" view or they cause "threat" - when 100 threat its game over.  Also there are 2 other than elements buttons - the left one is for special ability (for now just one that makes all creatures to dance for a long time - 30 secs i believe), its always refreshed after 20 killed creatures; the right one is for changing the target, its not working that well yet.  Oh and there is no main menu yet, just "play again" button on the game over screen  Just try it and have fun, you can post your high score Link to apk: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Snyll.Elementus aaand, some screenshots:        
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