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  1.     OK cool I see where you are coming from. It’s interesting to see how it comes across! I did include that the headings under the lecturer position were the modules I taught. No worries though I have cut them out now, the other bits seem more important when thinning it out. I guess if they really want to know they can ask.   I wish I was 15-18 doing the landscaping! I was 18-22ish. Am 26 now, did the whole University thing a bit later than some. The landscape work was quite successful but not what I wanted to really do.   I honestly wasn’t trying to pointlessly pad it out but I’m glad you pointed it out; I have a habit of waffling on. I think because I have left some clients and other jobs out I was making the most of the better ones to leave on there.   I agree, definitely need more variety in there, I’m going to work on some different models and a Unity based environment. May try do a bit of collaborative for a couple weeks if someone will have me, I've got a little job coming up but it's more interior renders!   I have attached a couple of older models, not sure whether to add them to the portfolio or not. I’m not sure if they come across cartoon-ish like they should or just look like failed attempts at AAA quality! (Obviously not what I was going for).   I have put the new resume on my site, it is down to a page and still puts across everything it did before so thanks for that   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:6923] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:6924]
  2. J_Bispham

    Game Assets

    Some random 3D assets created for in-game or animation use
  3.     Thanks to you both, all of your comments are really helpful and make sense! I have heavily edited the resume taking on both of your comments, i am happier with it but hope it does not look like too much text, may need to refine it a bit. I thought the block of text I had at the beginning could be used as a base for cover letters so I left it out rather than cut it down for now.    I also had videos for each of the levels so I have put one of just the 3D level on the portfolio page to show that off. I will most likely do the same with the interactive media project as there is more to show than just static images.    I agree I need more models in there! Some different styles too. Would you say it is more effective to create environments containing lots of objects or try some single models that are different styles?   Anyway I have updated the resume and site so if you get another chance to have a look that would be great but if not thanks for your help already! 
  4. Hi all,   I was hoping to get some feedback on my portfolio and resume. I won't bore you with too many details about me here as it should all be on my website but here's a bit...   I completed my Computer Games Technology degree in May and loved it. I have also been lecturing for the last year to the level 3 game development students. Not something I had always intended but I did enjoy it and am grateful for the experience. For the last couple of years I have been working freelance when I get a chance. Projects have included 3D animations, 3D architectural/Design renders and a large interactive product library project created in Unity.   I am looking to continue my career at a game development studio. I am best with 3D modelling, texturing and animation so I feel a role as a 3D artist is most suited to me and is something I really enjoy. However I have spent a lot of time coding in Unity for the last year or two and at times feel I enjoy that more than the artwork! I know I should be focusing towards one role and shouldn't be too general so I am kind of expecting some comments on that :)   I was thinking that as there are quite a few smaller companies around here (South West, UK) then there may be some roles that would allow me to get stuck in with different aspects of development. But I can see why advertising myself like that would put bigger companies off when they are looking for specialists for each role.   Anyway, I would really appreciate any comments or feedback.   www.jamesbispham.co.uk   Thanks!
  5. J_Bispham

    Realistic Render

    Some renders, personal and professional.
  6. J_Bispham

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

    Soooo after adjusting the budget and looking around loads I think I may have settled on this.... http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/G750JX-T4264H-ASUS-G750J... The price seems good to me and you can get a 3 year warranty for an extra £50. I also like the fact that it is well ventilated and should hopefully last well. I just wondered if anyone has or has had one? Or has a better alternative? Just some last thoughts before I take the plunge!
  7. J_Bispham

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

      Cool thanks for the info, think I'm going to go for a better one
  8. J_Bispham

    Best coding music?

    I was listening to the FF7 soundtrack the other day while coding, it started out inspirational and workflow was good........then I bought the PC version of the game and played that all day. So not the most productive....
  9. J_Bispham

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

        I believe that Mudbox is more like a traditional graphics app, being GPU dependent, so if you're gonna stay with that then you'll definitely need something more GPU focused.    About zbrush.   Honestly, mudbox isn't worth it.    I know people get into these 'its not about the tool its about the artist' arguments and on the surface, it seems like zbrush and mudbox must be at least approaching equal because they do the same general things, but it's not even close. Zbrush has superior tools in every department except texture painting, and specifically the tools for workflow (dynamesh, decimation, zremesher, Insert Mesh Brushes, Surface Tools, Fibermesh, etc.) are just not something that character artists can afford to be without at this point. As for tool vs. artist, it's one thing to say, but time is always a factor in game art, and using the correct tool for the job is important. I can build a robot arm in Mudbox but I can concept out ten of them in zbrush in the same amount of time using the fantastic hard-surface tools, and that leads to a better product.    I know for a lot of people the UI is a huge hurdle to jump and a reason to stay away from zbrush, I was the same way, starting with Mudbox because it was accessible, but the jump isn't that hard, and the payoff is huge.   And for the sake of being balanced: If you're determined to keep mudbox, you'll be fine. Things will be slower, you'll have to buy a couple of other programs like 3dcoat or topogun to help recreate some of the necessary functionality, but there are still a couple big names who use mudbox, like Dan Roarty (crystal dynamics and now Epic I believe), but the switch to zbrush will definitely be worth it if you're willing to put in the time.      Thanks for the info! It was purely convenience that got me using Mudbox but I wouldn't say I'm too attached to it, I'm definitely willing to try Zbrush so that is looking like something I should do soon! I completely agree with what you are saying about tool vs. artist, time and efficiency is a massive part of earning good money and hitting deadlines. If certain software is going to help you in those areas then its a no-brainer!
  10. J_Bispham

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

      Thanks this is great   That's a fair point with IPS, I can gain access to decent monitors when necessary so it makes sense to save a bit here, I can do some tests and see how things are looking.   Yeah I do a fair bit of character work, most other things I do will also be using the same software you have mentioned. I use Mudbox at the moment for sculpting/texturing. I had it handy to start with so have never tried Zbrush, just got comfortable with Mudbox! You think its worth trying it out then yeah?   That's real handy to know about the CPU/GPU/RAM, I can sacrifice being able to smoothly run Mudbox, I would much rather have the performance in 3Ds Max, so if i end up needing to make cuts then this helps! I do struggle with staying sensible on these things though, just get carried away and spend too much! I agree about a bit display, I'm not worried about how heavy the laptop is or anything and would much rather be comfortable when using it.   Yeah I use a large Wacom on my desktop so this is something I have considered, it all depends on how much sculpting/painting I end up doing while on the laptop. At the moment I'm thinking I can pick and choose what I do when I'm out as there are always plenty of jobs to get on with. But then if I end up needing to leave the desktop rendering for things then I could wish I had it all on the laptop!   Thanks very much for the info, it definitely helps
  11. J_Bispham

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

      Yeah that is something I considered, I built my desktop but no nothing really about building a laptop. How did you find building it? Was it worth it price-wise?   Cool thanks for the link, need to have a good search for refurbs on ebay, only had a brief look this morning. You seem to have much better refurb deals over there in the US. I'm in UK btw, sorry should have said! That is a good example for a price-guide though   Yeah that model was the first that jumped out at me after you mentioned it in the previous post, they do some upgraded models as well that could be ideal.
  12. J_Bispham

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

    That's great thanks for the advice, I would not need a large amount of storage space so I agree an SSD would be much better. It's just finding a laptop that has an SSD but does not overkill on the other specs. Buying an SSD separately may be a better option I suppose.   Yeah I did notice that with the resolution on some of their models, definitely keeping an eye out for that!   That's good to know about the Intel graphics, I have not used any of the newer ones so I did not know that   I have never liked using the standard pads on laptops let alone the ALPS really so I will be getting a mouse! I'm rarely going to be in a situation where I cannot set up the laptop comfortably so this shouldn't be a problem. Thanks again
  13. J_Bispham

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

      Yeah that's a fair comment thanks, I hadn't stumbled across that series yet, there are some models with decent specs about as well, cheers! You ever bought a refurbished laptop? I suppose if it is done by the manufacturer and the warranty is long enough you can't really go wrong, not always worth the small price drop sometimes though by the looks of it.   I see what you are saying about the bulky-ness of a bigger laptop, it does make sense to just go with comfort and enough performance to see me by, anything major will just be done on the desktop. Hopefully I'll see what other people have managed to get by on and be able to get something a little more convenient :) 
  14. Hi guys, hope this is posted in the right place!   I am looking to get a new laptop for using 3ds Max, Unity, Photoshop, possibly Mudbox. I have a workstation PC at home so I will not need to be doing any rendering or really intensive tasks. Its just for modelling, animating and game development related activities. I have researched like mad (like i do for everything!) but I would like some opinions on laptops that you use or have used for these tasks? I find getting opinions from personal experience to be the best way to find out what is going to work   I like the look of this Lenovo z710, so this price range is around what I'm looking at. I am completely open to suggestions however, what has worked for you? Something cheaper maybe?! I don't need it to be an absolute beast so I have pulled myself away from more expensive models like the Dell precision series, with a decent PCat home it just doesn't seem worth spending loads on a laptop unless I really need to.   Lenovo are also releasing a new flex laptop soon that I thought could be fun. It can come with 16GB of ram and a 256 SSD. The drawback with it is the i7-4510u dual core processor. Has anyone got or used a similar dual-core processor with good results in the software I mentioned? I have only really worked on 3ds Max etc a lot on my PC at home so I don't really know how low I can go with components while keeping good performance.   I'm not worried about the weight of the laptop and would like at least a 15.6 inch screen.   Soooooo what are you all rocking on your laps for work?   Thanks!
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