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  1. How to implement game music?

    Thanks for the responses!     ...If you're learning FMOD or other forms of middleware be sure to set long files (music) to stream and short files (SFX) as loading into RAM. If you try and load a 2 minute WAV file into memory while running the game, things could get messy!      I've never heard the term middleware before, is the term common? Is that a type of tool that a developer might expect me to be familiar with?
  2. How to implement game music?

    I've worked on an android/ios game and a pc/mac game.
  3. How to implement game music?

      for music .wav is a poor format choice due to its large size, you could consider using mp3, vorbis, midi(instrumental only and the exact sound will vary between soundboards but the files become incredibly small), .mod (for tracker music), etc.     Thanks for the tip, Those file types are generally of lower quality though right? Is there a way the lower quality is dealt with?     Thanks for the response! I will definitively look into those tools.
  4. How to implement game music?

    Hey, I'm new and I have a question.   I've worked on a couple games but I'm fairly noobish. So far I've only been required to produce audio files in various formats. I was wondering if there are other ways music is commonly implemented in games other than just putting on a .wav file?