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    Working on my GDD

    I know it's awfult to look at (was the default game site layout, which I will change drastically), and it truly is a rough draft with no autocorret.  Was just trying to get out as much as I could so I could reshape and organize it later.  I'm trying to drain an ocean's worth of content through a garden hose, and it's slow going.   So it's not a GDD yet.  More of a context in which to present the GDD, at least for the initial stages.    I'll give it an overhaul this week, probably start from scratch.  Those default graphics are garbage
  2. Scott Rondeau

    Working on my GDD

    And that's what happens when I go too long without sleep.  Sorry for the mix up, link is fixed.   http://thecusp.wix.com/hephaestusgames
  3. Scott Rondeau

    Working on my GDD

    I have a rough draft of my GDD I threw up on a website, and was wondering if I could get some opinions.  On the GDD.  I know the website is an eyesore, rife with spelling and gramatical errors, the web design is attrocious, but all that can be fixed later.  Right now I want to flesh out the GDD.    http://thecusp.wix.com/hephaestusgames   Anything missing?  Anything I should expand on? Any details or questions I should be addressing?  What do you think of the design ideas themselves, barebones as they are presented there at the moment?
  4. Subspace did it right.  Fast paced 2D space shooter, you would level up fairly quickly on the remains of blown up people.  Even a no level ship could scavenge stray explosions and take advantage of the chaos on screen to hit max pretty quickly.  Plus the upgrades were random, which made things interesting.  As long as the leveling process isn't too drawn out and doesn't keep you out of the competition.   Although truth be told, servers with no leveling are always the most popular. http://www.subspace.net/
  5. There's also where you challenge comes from.  SOme TDs have reflexive gameplay where the player is hardpressed to maintain their towers.  Personally I prefer strict management TDs with time to consider your options.  The worst are the one where you can't look at anything while the game is paused.   You should probably decide on a theme early on too, as that will impact design decisions.
  6. Scott Rondeau

    Name for slot machine game

    I like that one.
  7. Scott Rondeau

    MMORPG Design for light novel setting

      It's a bit generic to make heads or tails of your game.   There's nothing really revolutionary about what you've presented so far, and from what I've read I don't see anything that sets it apart from the dime-a-dozen asian MMOs that get released then close down every other week.   The first thing you present is starting stats?  Now it not the time for that, balancing those numbers is one of the last things you do.
  8. One important element you overlooked are archetypal path structures.  The Loop, the Corner, Return Paths.  Without interesting levels, tower defense gets boring fast.   Another overlooked element is varied progressions.  Too many TD levels are over just as you are starting to establish a good set up, and you don't get a chance to properly enjoy it.  You need clear short term progression goals, mid term goals, and long term goals.  Short term, you have your levels, mid term you have your skill upgrades.   For long term progression, I'm keeping the layouts of completed levels, and epic bosses will work their way backwards through all the levels you've already completed, against all the defences you've already put up.
  9. Scott Rondeau

    Voxel Sandbox Creature Name Ideas?

    More variations on mythical creatures like Gooclops/cyclops   Bamshee Gorpon Kreenix Bunyorp Glumlin Brolem Valkorn Pegazar   If you want to hear more, just say so
  10. Scott Rondeau

    Real life in online game

    Parallel Kingdom http://www.parallelkingdom.com/
  11. Scott Rondeau

    Dealing with multiple scales of player wealth

    I say you've got to have plenty of short term, mid term, and long term goals.  If your players are amassing hoards of wealth, you don't have enough long term goals.  Throw in some epic construction projects or something, but there should always be something they want to spend their resources on.
  12. Scott Rondeau

    A diffrent type of rts.

      Give your players a daily opportunity to recruit randomly generated offspring from the pool of fighters.  Your warriors have a collective gene pool.  No micromanaging.  Permadeath ensures only the strongest live to pass on their genes.   I'm going with an additional gene pool for the ruling class where you match up mates and marry off daughters to other players.  Creates a more hands on breeding, but is limited in scope so as not to overwhelm
  13. Scott Rondeau

    Voxel Sandbox Creature Name Ideas?

    Going off what the OP started...      Goolops Vexmare Screenard Shadno Folix Lowoo Bogum uh... How many you need?   Also, I do like Voxims as a title.
  14. Scott Rondeau

    A diffrent type of rts.

      Sounds like we're making the same game.  I have the exact same system in mind.   Instead of just one character, the player is in control of a castle full of characters, all of which level up, can be equiped, and follow somewhat limited career paths.  These characters face permadeath, which creates a solid Risk/Reward curve.  Having equiped gear buried with characters helps the economy   A genetic component helps offset the loss of permadeath by ensuring stronger offspring each generation.  There is no endgame, your troops will die, the fun is in the metagame.   Seperate gene pools for the general troops and ruling elite, as well as for pets such as dragons and milipede mounts.   Then give random satuses to troops for fun such as Hero, Legend, Champion, Chosen One.   There is potential for too much micromanagement, but there is also potential for lots of player specialization. Personally, I think this model would scale well into a full fledged MMO. 
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