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  1. Brick

    The Viral Formula

    Great article, thanks! :) I'm working on a fairly big project right now and when it's done I want to be able to market it correctly, thanks for sharing your ideas.
  2. Brick

    The Viral Formula

  3. Brick

    Happy Puppy game release

    From the screenshots, the art is pretty cute and the gameplay seems like a horizontal version Frogger.   Looks interesting. :)
  4. Brick

    Your first game / programming project?

    This was my first "real" game: http://www.fightclubgames.net/games/mr-pigus-swing-adventure/   Me and the others who worked on it are embarrased about it now, but it could have been a lot worse. :P
  5. Brick

    Todo list /Design software

    You might want to try Evernote: https://evernote.com/
  6. Brick

    Global Game Jam

    I participated as the youngest person in my whole jam (I'm a high school student). When it was time to present, our game ended up scaring everyone in the audience: http://globalgamejam.org/2014/games/project-funhouse
  7. Brick

    Bet won on AI

    I actually laughed when I read the code, very nice! XD Pong is actually one of the best examples of AI in game design: just because a computer CAN beat it 100% of the time doesn't mean that it SHOULD.
  8. For my current project I had to search around a lot for a good project management tool. In the end I chose Freedcamp, mostly because it is free but also because it has a simple interface with all the basics. What is your favorite (or least favorite) project management tool?
  9. Brick

    A game about dictator

    Here's a game that should give you some good ideas (you are not necessarily a dictator but it really gave me some awesome ideas): http://dukope.com/play.php?g=trt   I would also check out some of the other games by them, all are kind of about dystopian and oppressive governments.
  10. Brick

    Ludum Dare anyone?

    I tried (and failed) to participate in LD27 with some friends and was really looking forward to this one. But alas, we all have way too much schoolwork and couldn't do it this time. Oh well...the good thing about Ludum Dare is you can always try again in 3 months.
  11. I've noticed that LinkedIn has a lot of great advantages for game developers. There are several large groups for different kinds of game developers to share advice, it is easy to display work on projects with teams, and it is easy to find other game developers. One fatal flaw, however, is the cost to post jobs. It can cost $200 to post a single job, which is a lot of money for indie or hobbyist game managers. Because of this, most of the jobs advertised for game developers are full-time and not remote. What do you think about game developers using LinkedIn to find jobs? Do you know of any better alternatives?
  12. A good feature would be the ability to select and add multiple tiles at once. This would be useful for things like clouds or buildings that require more than one tile but will be placed often.
  13. Brick

    Should games be considered art?

    I've struggled with this question and similar ones as well.   A lot of art can exist as a form of self-expression and not meant to be entertaining for anyone who doesn't "get" the artist's view (a lot of times the only person who truly "gets it" is the artist). These kinds of artists that make paintings, videos, and songs only for themselves may not gain a lot of fans but they are still considered by most people as artists. But what about video games? Isn't the entire point of a video game to let the player (not the developer) express themselves? The graphics, music, and even code that goes into the game can be considered art but if the game is just one big monologue about the developer's life with little or no user-interaction then is the video game itself considered art?   This brings up even more questions. At what point does a game stop being a game? At this point does the game become a movie/animation or is it just nothing? As you try to answer more questions about any kind of art (especially games) you just end up with even more questions at the end.
  14. Brick

    Your favorite Game Engine

    Unity is definitely my favorite but I haven't explored enough other game engines yet to really know if its the best out there.
  15. In my opinion, yes, but I don't have as much experience as I should with 2D graphics or mobile publishing. In general Unity is a pretty good universal game engine for both developing and publishing. Before using it you should definitely brush up on JavaScript, though.
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