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  1. Hi,   We (my company) just published our first 3D game for android. It is running on  3D engine called Rajawali which is relatively new so this was kind of engine testing. Check it out on Google Playstore:   I can say that Rajawali is very nice although it still has few major bugs, but community is working actively to fix them.   Here are some screenshots...    
  2. 3d engines for Android

    Hi frob,    thanks for your answer!   I know there are lots of projects out there, that's why I 'm asking for recommendation (to save some time).   I am looking for something that is   1. Stable on all android versions since Android 2.2 2. Cross-platform if possible, but stability is way more important  3. Preferably opensource (but I am willing to pay if I get stability and cross-platform).   Somehow I doubt that cross-platform engine would work good on all platforms but I would be happy if somebody proved me that I was wrong.
  3. 3d engines for Android

    Thanks, I will check those out, although I prefer opensource projects.    
  4. Hi,   I recently wrote blog post about developing 3d game for android using Rajawali 3d engine. It is very nice engine with lots of tutorials and examples, but I am wondering if there is more mature (stable) engine out-there.    Has anyone tried to develop for android with or and if so would you recommend it?   Thanks!    
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