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  1. Garage Band

    I use GarageBand in combination with finale. It works very well for me.
  2. Composer looking for help.

    So instead of just linking to my soundcloud, I should take snippets of my best work and put them together into a neat little package? I'm just trying to understand. Also, where would I find a conference to attend, because right now, this website is the only connection to the industry at the moment. :S So I definitely need to make some more contacts.
  3. Composer looking for help.

    Thanks everyone this has been a very helpful and eye-opening conversation. So does anyone have any advice on actually finding work in this field? Is it as simple as putting up a classified, or is there more to it than that?   Also that video was hysterical. And makes a good point. Thank you.
  4. Composer looking for help.

    Thanks that is very helpful. But what do mean avoid "for credit only" it still gets your name out there. I mean I want to get paid, but I have to start somewhere. I figurede that was just part of the process.
  5. Music composer says Hi!

    This is a piece I wrote inspired by Giygas from Earthbound/Sleep deprivation.
  6. Composer looking for help.

    I am an indie composer with no professional experience. I would like to write music for video games. So far, all the music I have written has been for fun, but I would like to make a career out of it. I friend of mine showed me this website and told me it would be a great place to start, but I am not sure what to do now. If anyone with experience could help point me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated. Thanks,   If anyone would like to listen, my compositions are hosted at