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  1. We Help You Fund Your Game

    Well, we believe we can help. And yes, you are right. Correct and effective marketing requires money, because to get 1 result you need to reach thousands of people. So, in order to get funded you need to reach millions of people, and only experienced marketing people will know how to do that.    We can help you out - as well as anyone else who need funding - with no upfront cost and very little investment of your time in the campaign.    Right now we are working on a more impressive and cool website that should be ready within two weeks. I'll post the new link here once is ready. 
  2. We Help You Fund Your Game

    Well, thank you Shaun for your comments! We appreciate having someone here sharing their story and how it did not work for them for the same reasons we pointed out: lack of Marketing.    Servant of the Lord, we also appreciate your thoughts and comments! However, Teknaut is real and we are really trying to change how the crowdfunding market works (not forgetting that it is a very new market). It is not only that "developers" or entrepreneurs do not want "to do the job." A lot of people have great ideas, but they do not have the means to pay for marketing and everything else associated with that idea. That is why crowdfunding is such a huge thing, because it makes a lot easier to get funding. However, crowdfunding is not perfect yet, and as with any market, we saw a need and we are offering something to meet that need. Also, we assume that developers do not know a whole lot about marketing, so they should really appreciate the help :)   What is the great thing about Teknaut? It is that you do not have to incur any costs upfront to make your campaign successful. You will pay us only if your game or idea gets funded. A developer who tries to run a campaign on his own in Kickstarter or Indiegogo will have to pay for marketing upfront to be able to be successful, because without marketing he/she won't be successful. ALSO, I think we were not very clear: We will do the marketing for you, not only connect you with marketing gurus. It is part of our package: we build your campaign, launch it and market it for you. The developer will of course work with us to help develop the campaign and share it with his friends and contacts, but we will put the rest.    Now, you are right: we cannot make every single game successful, and that is why you must submit your idea to our team first. A game that would never sell to the public because is boring and it lacks creativity won't get funded no matter how much marketing you put into it. But if your game is cool and fun, we will help you get funded.    Now let me share something else. We are currently trying to be disruptive. Our idea is disruptive, and there is a need for what we offer. Yes, we are very new, but we are currently working on a project. And to do so, we are bringing people to our team that do not only have experience in online and social media marketing, as well as SEO, but that have a lot of experience and contacts regarding old media, such as newspapers, talk shows, radio shows, and a whole lot more.    You must be wondering why we are offering so much. The first reason is because we see a lot of potential in this. We want to take Teknaut to the next level and we think that to do so, offering marketing is essential. But we also care. We are a star up and we know what it takes to get things going and how hard it can be. We want to help developers and people with great ideas make them real, and that is why I personally believe Teknaut can be successful.   So, truly, a developer is not really losing anything by trying to get his project funded with us. He can still keep looking for other types of funding, such as angel investors and VCs if he wishes, or even working his full-time job. He will not put any money upfront, he won't have to invest a whole lot of time other than preparing the game, and he will probably end up getting funding for his game.    As always, we love to answer your questions or your comments!   Cheers, Teknaut Team
  3. We Help You Fund Your Game

    Thank you very much sir! It looks very helpful.      Also, as an update, we are currently working with a client to fund his game. We will be posting his project in a few weeks, since right now we are working on creating his campaign.   We will post the link here for those of you who would like to take a look at his project, to either see how we work or simply to help a fellow developer. 
  4. We Help You Fund Your Game

    Teknaut has its own social media accounts: we went from 0 to over 2,000 (real) Facebook followers in about a month. And this is without even having posted any projects yet! However, the main point from the blog post I mentioned above is that the number of followers for the platform itself is not the most important referral source. It is not even in the top three. The thing that really makes a project succeed (so long as it is founded on a great idea) is the project owner's ability to execute a winning marketing campaign. This means leveraging existing contacts in a powerful and engaging way such that the project can quickly explode, gaining exponential momentum beyond the original nucleus. We help our clients do this by setting them up with a highly experienced social media marketer who really has the chops to do that kind of thing, setting up accounts for the project on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. and using those accounts to engage people and get them excited enough to pledge their money, as well as building their campaign on our platform. We also help with email marketing and pretty much any other tool available, such as video editing and blogging.    Hope this helps clarify your question. Please feel free to post new questions or let us know your comments.   Cheers.
  5. We Help You Fund Your Game

    The other day someone asked us why they should choose Teknaut over Kickstarter to fund their game. Our blogger did an awesome job explaining why in one of his posts. You can read it here:   The Importance of Marketing Support: Why You Should Choose Teknaut Over Kickstarter If you have more questions for us, please do not hesitate posting them here or writing us at info@teknaut.com.   Cheers, Teknaut team.
  6. We Help You Fund Your Game

    What publishing/marketing channel do you plan on using for your games in the future? Steam? OUYA? We've made mention of some great publishing channels for independent game developers here. Did we miss any important ones?
  7. We Help You Fund Your Game

    One of our clients is looking for an mobile app developer to help him create his game. He is going to crowdfund it, and he is willing to share the company with anyone willing to help him. If you are interested in helping him, you can write to alcionehaenischk@teknaut.com. Please put "Developer Help" on the subject line.    Have a great weekend everybody!   Teknaut
  8. We Help You Fund Your Game

    How equity shares are determined depends on the regulatory documentation that will be published.  One of the aspects that will remain the same as in product-based is that the person who invests more will receive a larger share of the company.    At the moment, if a developer wants to do an equity-based campaign, we help him create the campaign and improve any aspects of his business model in preparation for when the law is published, and then when it is, we launch the project. 
  9. We Help You Fund Your Game

    The JOBS Act, passed last year, makes equity-based crowdfunding legal. However, that does not go into effect until the regulatory documentation has been published by the SEC. That has yet to occur. For this reason, we are gearing up to offer equity-based crowdfunding, but we cannot actually do it yet. Once the regulatory documentation is published - which will happen in a matter of months - we will be among the first to offer equity-based crowdfunding.
  10. We Help You Fund Your Game

    Hi! Thanks for your question. I will try my best to answer you.   1. That is one of the reasons, yes. Have you ever tried to do a crowdfunding campaign? It is a lot harder than it sounds, and although Kickstarter is more widespread, and their dashboard gives you an opportunity to be witnessed by their users, if you don't do "a lot" of marketing on your own, your probability of getting funded is not very high. It is true, there is a lot of projects in Kickstarter that get a lot of funding, but a lot of them don't. But you never hear about the ones that did not get funded. And they did not get funded because they do not know how or don't have the means to do marketing for their campaigns. So yes, the fact that we provide marketing at no extra cost is a big improvement. When projects are successful on Kickstarter, it tends to be 0because they know how to market themselves, and not because they are posted on Kickstarter.   2. But it is not the only difference. Although Kickstarter is a lot bigger than us and their game projects usually get a lot of funding, they have a lot of different projects going on and their fans are from all types of background. Teknaut is only focused on creating a community for gaming and technology, much like gamedev.net. So our projects have access to a lot of fans who are constantly focused on gaming or technology.    3. Competing with Kickstarter is not much of an issue for the entrepreneur/developer. This is what is fun about crowdfunding. If you post a project on Teknaut you are not really competing against other projects on any other platform; you are just trying to make people who likes games believe in you. Generally, a gamer who invests in a specific game because he likes it will also invest in other games that he likes and that sound cool. So we come back to the same point, it is all about the marketing, it is all about making people hear and know about you and your game, which is something we help you with, as you already know.   4. No we are not only in the USA. We can fund entrepreneurs from any place. We are mainly focusing on USA, Canada, India, Chile, and Brazil. This gives you another advantage: we have a lot of fans from countries other than the USA.   I truly hope I was able to answer your questions. If you have any more comments or questions, please feel free to let us know!   Cheers, Teknaut team
  11. We Help You Fund Your Game

    When you submit your application, please give us an approximation of how much you will need to raise.    We charge a 5% fee of the total amount you raise plus payment processing fees assessed by the payment processor. The marketing support we provide comes at no extra cost.   If you do not raise the capital you asked for, we will not charge you anything.    I hope this clarifies any doubts! 
  12. We Help You Fund Your Game

    If you have any questions, you can post them here. We will try our best to answer you quickly.  
  13. We Help You Fund Your Game

    Teknaut is a crowdfunding platform that empowers savvy gamers and game entrepreneurs in the creation of innovative and exciting games. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Teknaut provides active marketing support for its projects.   We are currently looking for developers who need to fund their games.   Visit our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/teknautcrowdfunding and our website http://teknaut.com/.   You can submit your idea at our website or you can write to alcionehaenischk@teknaut.com with a brief explanation of your game and how much you need. We will then contact you and let you know what is the next step to start your campaign with us.   Good luck!   Teknaut Team
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