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  1. 2D Platformer Game

    I'm just a person who just finished high school who wants to start having a go to make a simple game. Previously I have only used the wacom tablet for drawing, with no experience with animation whatsoever.   Skeletal ones should be fine, but would that technique also apply for other more complex animations, eg. a bathroom curtain being drawn back, a person using a key to open a door etc?
  2. 2D Platformer Game

    Hi GameDev! I want to start designing a 2d platformer game, and I was looking into making sprites. So far from what I've read is that the most fluid sprites are made using flash, however, I have no idea where to start.   If someone could link me to a tutorial where the person shows step by step how they make a sprite using a wacom tablet (or any other drawing tablet for that matter) I would be extremely grateful.