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  1. ah i forgot, to make it clearer, my game that i mention is like HoN, Aion (MMORPG). not so heavy games like COD, dkk. and by programming i want to be someone who write code, not drawing something for it. hope this help :P so.. which graphic card better? :D
  2. which is better? laptop with NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640M LE or AMD Radeon™ HD 7730M 2GB, the AMD one is cheaper by $200 and given 32GB mSATA SSD w/Intel Smart Response. the rest specs is the same (overall)
  3. thankyou for the comments, it make me a little bit understand about specs basics.    btw, windows 8 or windows 7?  i read an article once that said windows 7 is better than windows 8 for programming, what do you say?
  4. AMD Radeon™ HD 7730M 2GB or NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640M LE? can you guys tell me the pros and cons of them?   
  5. after reconsider all your response, i came up with this laptop   VAIO S Series 15 Laptop   Model number:  SVS1512EPXB   3rd gen Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM (2.20/3.20GHz) Windows 8 Pro 64-bit Features: 15.5" Full HD IPS display, 8GB RAM, 1TB (5400rpm) HDD, CD/DVD player / burner, NVIDIA® graphics (2GB), HDMI® out, USB 3.0, TPM     Resolution : 1920 x 1080 Price : $1330 which is better? this one or inspiron 15R SE?
  6. i see, do you know any laptop that meet that requirements?
  7. I'm currently searching for new laptop for my college. i need my laptop for college uses (programming,noting) and for gaming. I'm not quite understand about comp specs, dkk. but from my beginner view, this laptop is good enough ( and cheap ) for my needs. and the price is below $1000. is it worth it?   Processor: 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4500U processor (4M Cache, 1.8 GHz)   Operating System: Windows 8, 64-bit, English   Display: 15.6 inch LED Backlit Touch Display with Truelife and HD resolution (1366 x 768)   Memory2: 8GB3 DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz   Hard Drive: 1TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive   Optical Drive: Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD)   Video Card: Intel® HD Graphics 4400   Warranty: 1 Year Basic Hardware Service and 1 Year NBD Onsite Service   System Weight: 5.12 lbs   And if you guys have better opinion for which laptop i should buy for my need, please tell me Thankyou