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    Grand Racing Manager

      Hey everybody, So here is a (very early) demo version of my racing manager. I am still bugfixing a lot and some features did not make it into this version. So I wouldn't even give this version an Alpha state. From the very beginning realism and balance was way more important to me than graphics - it's 2D too (made with Game Maker). I just wanted to re-create a racing manager like Grand Prix World or F1 Manager Professional. So the game is based on the formula 1 racing series. It surely helps to know a little about motor sports, but it's not necessary. Most things are self-explanatory. Dependent on the feedback and how many people are interested in such a project at all (I know that racing managers are a niche) I will consider continue working on the game. I would appreciate some people testing the game and giving me some feedback. I posted the game in the Game Maker forum, but barely anybody was trying it - maybe because barely anybody likes such games nowadays or the game is too uninteresting in the current state. Anyway, I appreciate every comment.   A management part would follow if there is any interest in the project, but time gets rare so I am not finishing it for my own sake. In the last few years (yeah, I am working on it for too long) I focused on the core of the game: The racing part. If I add the remaining cars and tracks (which would be pretty generic work), I`m not too far away from alpha/beta state.   You get the car out with a click on the "SPEED" bar or pressing spacebar. Most other things should be self-explanatory. Anyway, here in the spoiler is further information. Thanks for your help!   [SPOILER]   IMPORTANT: Click on "SPEED" or press spacebar during qualifying (first session) to get out of the pits. 1) Changing order "speed": improves lap times, but increases mistake chance during a lap 2) Changing order "overtake": higher chance of overtaking and crashing 3) Changing order "defend": higher chance of defending and crashing 4) Changing order "tyre use": higher tyre wear, but better lap times 5) Changing order "engine use": improves lap times, but higher fuel burn (Orders are changed four times per lap on specific parts of the track, so the change may not appear instantly) 6) Switch between graphical presentation of the cars. If you also click the "POS" button on the left, it will give you the positions of the drivers instead of their driver number 7) Time lapse: 0 (1 frame per second) up to 16x (which may not work because of fps). 8) Change resolution from 1280x720 windowed to 1920x1080 and vice-versa. I only implemented these two common resolutions, if somebody can't play it because his resolution is missing, I can implement that 9) Sound on/off 10) Exit game (no warning) or jumping to race session, if you`re in qualifying. More: - Alt + click on fuel = + 10 litres - Ctrl + click on fuel = + 0.1 litres - Pitstop: you are setting the new fuel, not the fill - the red buttons in the racing list changes things like switch between absolute/relative interval gap - the zoom-function can be used by "+" and "-" buttons on the keyboard. - the session jump can be achieved by a click on the black part of the time lapse graphic. Everything else should be self-explanatory or, like balance of orders and so on, you may found out during playing. A rain system is implemented too, so starting the game all over again a few times makes it possible to drive in the rain. [/SPOILER] Version 0.11: http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/FkN37Xha/file.html [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  2. Hey,   I am currently working on a small project and I was wondering which engine would be best for releasing it as a multiplayer game. Important for me is: Real-time physics with more than five players. In the video below are just two players, because it`s just a test yet (how you can see), but it should be for several players, two teams playing against each other (with nice passing etc).     I created that test in GameMaker, because I got used to it and like the engine (still making my bigger project with it). But the multiplayer support seems a little... strange. I am not sure if I can get it done with it. Of course there are many threads about which engine is better, GameMaker, GameSalad, Stencyl, Construct 2 or whatever but they seem all to lack a bit in support of multiplayer features. So I thought I ask in here first, maybe some of you have some experience with one of these engines (or more than one). Thanks!  
  3. Well it really isn`t about the engine per se, it`s just about online compatibility and stability. The rest of the engines features doesn`t really matter right now.
  4. Well that sounds nice, although I never considered the UE to be a appropriate choice. I like Game Maker, but the network support sounds pretty bad, I have never heard of a stable game, which has been released. So I try to keep flexible and ask for other engines, I have no clue, how good they are (in their multiplayer support). But I am still undecided. Must be a good choice, otherwise he money will be gone. I guess I try Unity Free first, then I go with your advice of the unreal engine. The other engines seem to be a little crappy in mp as well.
  5. Maybe Unity is an option? Somebody with some experience on mp games with that engine?
  6. Well my scripting abilities are pretty basic, so I would like to go with one of these engines (which user a simple language and have d&d features, which is pretty helpful for a beginner). So maybe somebody has a hint, which of these engines could potentially be the best for such a project.
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