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  1. hello, i have a question : is prototyping always essential for finding out if a game idea is good , if not can you make examples? thanks
  2. we are not solving them we are helping to solve and for our own good , in this particular one to save main oxygen makers .
  3. http://www.itv.com/news/update/2013-08-13/scientists-hope-disease-busting-video-game-will-go-viral/ i think this is a brilliant idea and should be more games of the kind! what do you think?
  4. cdron

    like-minded ..

    hi, i apologize if i've posted this in a wrong section but it seemed like this was the only right section. So, just looking for like-minded 1-2 people who wants to make games as well to collaborate. I'm new to game dev or better to say haven't made any yet since have been familiarizing myself with it theoretically for sometime but however not new to programming . Well i guess i should get to the main point. if you think that games can have/offer/show other values too (like for instance Jenova Chen showed) that's what i think as well. thanks
  5. Hi, i'm just another begginer and want to know if there are certain fundamental general tasks/things one has to get done or definitely should be able to do at least , in order to make games?! if you can recall any of them from your experince please post. thanks!
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