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  1. Box2D physics engine works according to the rules of physics. You have to work a little bit to set it up to work with platforms like HTML5 Canvas, iOS or Flash. Read the details   Box2d coordinate system for HTML5 Canvas
  2. gamingthinktank

    how i can start

      Try Box2D as physics engine. Good for beginners. Its primary port is in c++.
  3. This tutorial explains the mathematics behind collision detection using bounding circle method. Source code and online demo is available with the tutorial.   Bounding Circle collision detection: KineticJS/HTML5 Tutorial
  4. gamingthinktank

    HTML5 game development

  5. gamingthinktank

    HTML5 game development

    I have written few tutorials to teach HTML5 game development to the beginners. I hope you would find them useful if you are looking for how to begin with HTML5.   Tutorial Part 1: Snake game using HTML5 and KineticJS Tutorial Part 2: Snake game using HTML5 and KineticJS Collision Detection using Bounding Box method in HTML5 and KineticJS Sprite Animation in HTML5 and KineticJS    
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