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  1. Hobbist game designer looking to make games

    Hey Walkers,   How are you?   Spotted your post and thought I'd drop you a line.     Would you believe I'm a hobbyist game developer looking to make games :)   If you wanna chat more let me know.
  2. Looking for PHP/.NET developer

    Interesting, are you wanting this developed in .net or php?
  3. Beginner needing a point in the right direction,

    Thanks for pointing that out, its been a busy day, it was a typo, I meant Javascript.   Thanks for the tips, 
  4. Evening all,   I've been a member of this forum for a while and not really posted anything as I just like to browse and see what others were doing/asking etc.   However I have now decided that it's time that I should maybe start asking my own questions.   Like 1000's of other gamer's I too want to make a game, I'm not talking Call of Duty level game, but something small and fun that I can play and possibly share with others if I think it's any good.  Now this motion has been sat in the back of my mind for about 10 years and I think now is a good a time as any to give it a go.   I've been programming software for approx. 10 years mostly in vb6 and however over the past year or so I have looked at other languages including c#, c++, javascript and java.   I've had a search for a similar thread but can't find what I'm looking for, which is:   Where do I go from here?   I've decided what kind of game I'd like to make and the tools and language in this case Unity with either C# or Javascript   But I'm not sure what to do after that?   Do I sit down with a pad and paper and brain storm?   Do I just dive straight into coding if so, where's the best place to start?   Is there a rough guide of which order to work on different areas, eg.    1. brain storm,  2. build level, 3. add character + movement?   Any help links and advise would be great.   If you have gotten this far thank you for reading, and I appreciate any feedback and pointers you may provide.
  5. Programming the right way?

    Thanks for your reply tharealjohn,   I hadn't really considered looking over peoples source code, but I will definitely start having a nosy at other open source projects and how they are built.
  6. Programming the right way?

    Greetings all,   This is my first post here, and I suppose the write place to be asking,   I've been programming for several years but I would describe myself as a hack and slash programmer, with buggy code and not very well written.   Can anyone point me in the right direction to coding the right way with less bugs and more reliability?   My preferred learning platform is visual and audio :)   I mainly program in vb6 and but am currently learning c++ I don't know if the proper technique can be applied across all languages or whether there is a proper way to do each one?   Any help/links would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks Richard