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    Where to begin

    Why not stick with UnrealScript for now? Just because it gets deemphasized in UE4 it doesn't mean you have to stop using it, and learning as much as you can with the current UDK. There are no features in UE4 that you would need at your current level of skill. US is similar enough to C++, C# and Java that a lot of the skills will be transferrable.
  2. Nicolai Czempin

    Game development with Java

    Not his father, his school teacher, "Büttner".
  3. Nicolai Czempin

    Used old C++, Sudden feeling overwhelmed.

    Did you not take any algorithms / data structure courses?
  4. Start out with the free Game Maker. Once you have done the tutorials and start hitting the limits of the free version, either get a less-limited version or come back here and ask what your next steps could be. You can then re-evaluate if you want to move on to ActionScript/Flash or a different technology; Flash/HTML5 aren't the only other options.
  5. Nicolai Czempin

    programming 2D soccer game. How ?!

    I know nothing about that particular game, but I know a bit about how to control 2D soccer players. start with a simpler version:   you just have 1 player who controls a guy running around a football pitch, the ball "magically" following him (ahead of him, "dribbling"), no team mates, no opponents. Even simpler would be just the player controlling the ball directly. Then add what happens when the ball goes out-of-bounds. Once you have that, add an opposing goal (positions of two goal posts). Enable the player to kick the ball at the goal. First, just enable DIRECTION. So now the player can run around with the ball, and kick the ball in a certain direction. Since you haven't added friction yet, the ball will go out-of-bounds eventually. Determine where it went OOB. If it was between the goal posts, it was a goal. One all the above is working, you can add a goalie. Initially, just give him a fixed position, no AI. Now, when you shoot the ball, determine how close it passes the goalie. Below a certain distance, the goalie catches it, if far enough away, he cannot catch it, and it either goes OOB or hits the goal. You can also add skill levels (so the higher the goalie's skill, the higher his "catch radius", and the higher the shooter's skill, the lower).   It's mostly vectors and trigonometry. passing, team mates, formations etc. can then be added. For positioning the players on the field you want to specify what kind of formation they are playing (unless you want to simulate children's football, where everybody just chases the ball), so where the players orient themselves relative to the ball and their team mates (depending on whether they are on offense of on defense).    
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