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  1. Teaser is released!
  2. We have limited the registration numbers, to be able to test our server load; And would love feedback about our creation and our editor (if you manage to get that far!) Play it here: Features Be a part of one ever growing world, where nothing is random generated - all the content is made by other players, including NPCs, quests, gadgets, background drawings and more. Smooth animations (like prince of persia) and a unique pixelated art style. Original ambient soundtrack. Advance your character and unlock new abilities and areas around the world to explore, be the ultimate explorer trying to conquer a player generated world. Editing features Editing tools that are extremely streamlined - with a stroke of a brush a terrain filled with random decorations will be created, butterflies, living mushrooms - all will meld into a unique area with nearly zero effort. Create elaborate puzzles with triggers and logic gates, action areas with monsters and lots of fighting, stories with quests and NPCs or just pure platforming areas. Get fame from the community for making awesome areas, and unlock epic items for your editing. I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Enjoy!