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  1.  It was because I felt overwhelmed by the code I was writing and it was indeed a big digital bowl of spaghetti code. Although I did have certain parts of the code in separate classes, there still wasn't much modularity. So when a bug pops up I spend all day swimming through the code in order to find it. It only became tougher the more code I wrote. I'll need to do a bit more modularity moving forward. But the previous comments are all very helpful. Coding does feel somewhat of an iterative learning process. It helps to know that I'm not just missing some big picture. Thank you all for the helpful input.
  2. This is a problem I am kind of facing as well =/. I've had to resign to starting over due to not knowing an efficient way to continue my code and seeing that I was headed towards coding myself into a corner.   Any insight on dealing with this or avoiding this in the future would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks everyone. You've given me a well of information to think about moving forward. Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I actually could understand what you said quite well (...probably). I've been slowly wrapping my head around flashes stage3D and its relation to the GPU pipeline so I think I have an idea of what you mean with shaders. Right now Im dealing with 2D games so its not so much a big deal performance wise. But ultimately I will want to do 3D programming. I'll stick with flash awhile longer until I know I need to upgrade for the extra processing power. I'll keep track of the progress of each languages libraries in the mean time.
  5. So in order to get images on screen I would need to use a library like the ones you've listed that facilitate the process. I asked about this on another forum and realized that flash seems to be designed for visual purposes almost exclusively so naturally they provide a stage element for easy drawing. Thanks for the clarification.   I also hear that C++ is something you learn for a long time before you can get very good at it. Is Python a good pitstop along the way?
  6. Hello people. Um...I'm a bit new and have been learning programming in Flash Actionscript 3.0 for some time. I dont know too much about Java and C++ (...yet) but I've noticed that the overall structure of how code is put together in Java and C++ seems somewhat similar and I've been looking into expanding/graduating to C++ or Java in the future. I've noticed that flash comes with a stage element that pretty much provides a place to blit sprites and graphics on to. This is probably a stupid question but I wanted to know if there was something similar to that in Java or C++ or just generally any other language that doesn't come with a 'stage' element like flash does. If so, how would it be done?
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