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    Hi, I am new to game development having just left university, I have a project I would like to start and a possible sponsor who wants to see a prototype, my idea is to create a rally simulator for a local track (eventually), for starters I would like to find out if there is a way to incorporate movement using an already existing game eg Dirt,or any existing rally game. basically I would like to know if the idea would be to modify the source code (if that is even possible)  or if I would be creating another application that picks up from the game and signals the actuators to simulate movement. so like how the controllers vibrate on an playstation, the seat tilts backward on pulloff and forward on braking etc to simulate g-force. If it is not possible to achieve it using an existing game would anybody know of a sample/template racing game I could maybe use as a starting point and modify that. my good friend is clued up on electronics so that side of things should not be a problem and my dad is going to build the frame etc. here is a link to a video on youtube of more or less what I am trying to build, for now all I am asking is how I could go about getting signal from the game on the pc to say a micro-controller that will then control the movements. Thanks  Corey   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc0GxMk0kk4
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