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     so where you are moving it? :D       Thanks for answer, I think UNITY is the solution...
  2. Game Designchoice

    Hello there: I'm Roger Debian from Santiago of Chile. I'm a Digital Animation and Video game Design on Universidad del pacifico. I love what I do, since I was a kid all my world was and is a Video game. Now I want to know from you guys what's the future of video game, what topic? I want to know what's the best motor engine to make my Video games comes true: Udk, Unity, blender? or even more amateur like Game Maker 7.0. I can study and reach any kind of information to do this, cuz I don't knew how make a video game, but with Construct 2 I can did it!... I'm thinking like Unity, but is the future to stay only in that kind of program?   Well that's all! thanks! :D