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  1. Alpha Glide KickStarter

      Hey Shane C yea I know the Ouya support is lacking and I love the Ouya.
  2. Alpha Glide KickStarter

    Hello community, I am here to post a link to my RPG game called "Alpha Glide". A kickstarter campaign for the game is already underway, you can head over to the kickstarter page to get a more in depth understanding of what the game is all about. Any pledges and support for the project of any kind is greatly appreciated. Thanks community!   [attachment=18246:Kickstarter_logo_.jpg] KickStarter Here   [attachment=18247:pic1Small.jpg]
  3. Alpha Glide

    I have been working on prototyping the Battle System and GUI the past week. This video shows a WIP of the battle system and will give you an overall understanding of how it works. You can walk up to hostile enemies in real time rather you are in a dungeon or on the world map and begin fighting immediately. This video contains placeholder GUI graphics and sounds so I can concentrate on testing out the functionality before I go buck wild on design.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXzR7THFO4s&feature=youtu.be
  4. Alpha Glide

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJaNRbFomb8   A video of me running around in a work in progress version of Sundale and analyzing its lighting. I am currently prototyping the battle system and GUI functionality and an update on that will be coming soon.
  5. wow looks incredible!
  6. My progress

  7. Alpha Glide

    A new weapon I created called the fire buster  
  8. Alpha Glide

        Hello everyone, blog with pictures I am here to introduce my RPG called Alpha Glide. Alpha Glide is a story driven rpg in which two countries are fighting a bitter war. You will be able to explore many towns and dungeons in a modernized fantasy universe. I started writing code for this game last year on my spare time such as the battle system, NPC interaction, chat system, and many small things such as dust kicking up from the players feet when he walks, shopping for weapons, items, level up system etc. Now I am currently working on the art side of things and since that is visual I decided to start a tread on the game. I will be updating this thread periodically with pics as I am working on the game. Opinions and feedback on the game as I update the thread is appreciated.
  9. Garage Band

    Oh nice I've got to give finale a try.
  10. Garage Band

    Hey thanks for the info. I like FL Sudio a lot on the mini, I'm still trying to find time to become a guru with it though :-P
  11. Creature Stumble

    nice level designs
  12. How should I make knifing in my game?

    For the knife collision, maybe a sweep?
  13. Advertising Your Games

    Epic advice. I will definitely take this into consideration for my upcoming RPG