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  1. Untiy3D Help!

    Ok thanks Ill keep that in mind next time!
  2. Untiy3D Help!

    OK so I didn't actually state my question. What is that error? What does it mean? How do I get rid of it?
  3. Untiy3D Help!

    I am new here so I am not entirely sure where to post this but I figured here would be the right place to post this topic since I am a beginner and this is the beginner section.    My problem is, I was coding a Raycast in JAVA (for a melee system) and I got an error like this (need help with unity.png)   I don't know if it has to do with the code I created for the enemies. (That's why enemy logic is there). The only thing I put for the enemies is for them to lose health. They don't attack or move.   Key: Melee System Code: Top Right Error: Top Left Enemy Logic: Bottom Left