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  1. SHouldn't matter if I disregrade tile sets, I have my reasons not wanting to touch it. I won't touch 8/16-bit either because I don't find the look to be attractive.   I want to make use of a 2-d background (either handdrawn or maybe pre-rendered), but I don't want full to make use of a 3-d background.
  2. I'm trying to figure out game types that use only a soild 2-d background (drawn image) for the whole set. Not counting spirites for people or enemies.   Are those older Final Fantasy games, where those backgrounds all drawn as 1 image? Or did they use tile sets?   I sort of want to advoid tile sets, since I don't understand how those are used.
  3. Vata Raven

    Royalty-free 2D graphics

    Says you do the icons in vector, is that true?   Also, are you able to do like...fantasy-type icons....I'll show you a link, it'll be easier   https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/12664   Sort of in that style (well, not like it, but that's the idea of it)
  4. Vata Raven

    game engine question

    Well, as is...Unreal Engine 4 is turnign to use C++, instead of using their Unreal Script...so, going have to learn c++, no matter what   well, thanks for the help
  5. Vata Raven

    game engine question

    No, to answer the question...I'm not really intrested in making programs. JUst more into wanting to make games for the PS4, PC, mobile
  6. Vata Raven

    game engine question

    Guess, it's about reseach and seeing what engine does fit the sytle i"m looking in for a game project
  7. Vata Raven

    game engine question

    I was already looking into UDK for my 3-d based game...but the wiki page lists a lot of engines
  8. Vata Raven

    game engine question

    Well, I've read that you can make a game without using an engine, just the engine just takes care of like...half the coding for you or something.   Like, I think the indie game Don't Strave and Limbo were all build without an engine
  9. Vata Raven

    game engine question

    Is there anything wrong with using them?   I'm trying to learn programing, my next class will be an intro to C++...but I'm doubting I would be able to make a full 3-d game, and I also know it's normally a job done by more then 1.
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