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  1. drakogate

    c++ SFML issue. Help!

      Needed to change this bit of code to:     Never really used this kind of forum.  Sorry about that.  
  2. drakogate

    c++ SFML issue. Help!

    I figured out the problem.  I don't know if I can delete this so i'll just write solved at the top.  Thanks!
  3. drakogate

    c++ SFML issue. Help!

    ****SOLVED****   Okay, so I just installed SFML on Visual C++ and i'm working some tutorials and whatnot.  Anyways i'm having a big problem.  Here's my code.       When I use sf::RenderWindow my compiler tells me "Error: namespace "sf" has no member "RenderWindow".  Anyone know how to solve this problem?     Thanks!
  4. drakogate

    Wanting to build a 2d RPG but kind of lost

    Okay, so after spending like a total of 20 hours studying through and using pointers/classes I've got a rough understanding of both concepts (stronger in pointers).  I'm not as worried about classes as is, but if it was required to I could understand basic things about what's going on in the class.  I'm having a problem on tutorial #2  of the LazyFoo series. http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/lesson02/index.php   It's where you start blitting an image on another image.  Why does he write all the code to optimize the image?  If use all 32 bit graphics do you even need to do that?     Thanks!
  5. Okay, so I have a pretty basic understanding of C++.  This is roughly the information I've covered so far:     Storing Data and getting user input Performing calculations and displaying output If Else Statements Loops Functions Arrays And references.   This is all great and I enjoy programming but I REALLY want to start working with graphics and move towards 2d games.  I've started to look into libraries like SDL and some of it looks really weird and then other parts I can understand.  Usually after I get past the initial "setting up the SDL screen" tutorial it gets way advanced and I lose it.  I really want to start moving into something with graphics because it's starting to feel like the console just isn't doing it for me anymore.  With what I've learned, I have been able to program a decent text based RPG.    The only things I haven't gotten to/don't completely understand when I try to do are pointers and classes.    So I guess what i'm asking is... How do I progress towards making a 2d game of some sort?  Where can I start or am I going about it wrong?  I've tried looking at source code from other people's games or basic SDL game tutorials but it just seems very overwhelming.  Can anyone help me out?   Thanks!
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