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  1. Programming the right way?

    I think the thing that's most important when writing any program is thinking about maintainability before you start writing it. No matter what framework, or tools you decide to use, you should always break the functionality of your program into organized pieces, so that you always know where to look if you're extending, or if something breaks.   You can use patterns like MVC for this, or you can create your own. As long as you understand how your app is built without having to dig for anything, you're in good shape.
  2. JS logic vs PHP logic

    I haven't heard anyone say this, so I'm going to chime in.    PHP is an awful language for game development. It's okay if you've got one or two users, but the minute you start to scale it, the thing falls apart. I say this as someone who's been programming PHP code for over a decade now.    That said, you can't really build a complicated online game that saves information to a database and remembers sessions without some kind of back end technology that does what PHP does, even if you write the interface entirely in Javascript.    Two technologies you might want to consider looking at are Scala and Golang for the a back end.  Both are very good under heavy workload. Scala is interesting because it offers a lot of compile options. Go is interesting because it rethinks the way programming works... and they're both good under load.    In my experience, both had learning curves from the PHP or Javascript mindset, but it's worth it.