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  1. HTML5 game development blog

      Hello Alan,   thanks for the input! Right now I'm not blogging about webGL, but this is something I consider to be taking care of as soon as possible. Right now I'm working on delivering the basic by showing on how to develop a snake game using native javascript or different frameworks like iioEngine, impactJS, three.js etc.   I also think HTML5 is getting more and more exciting, especially since browsers started to add hardware acceleration, which really boosts development.   Again, thanks for your interest!   Best Regards, Chris
  2. HTML5 game development blog

      Hello everyone,   I have just launched a new blog about web game development using technologies like canvas2d, webgl, webrtc and more. Its still quite fresh and I'm currently working on a tutorial series on how to create a basic snake game using different frameworks and also without a framework. (first tutorial, just launched)   I will also blog about peer-to-peer connection possibilities using WebRTC and websockets. I'm totally open to suggestions and appreciate any type of feedback.   Website: Twitter:     [twitter]html5gamedevde[/twitter]   Thanks for your time!   Best Regards