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  1. I am using         transform.lookAt(otherObject);   This should point camera of First person Object to look at the other object.  How do I get the vector representing this so that I can send a raycast in same direction?   Also in general how to I get the camera of the FPO ?  How do I get the vector pointing at another object?   Thanks,      
  2. I'm getting this error:    Assets/CircularOrbit.js(11,26): BCE0023: No appropriate version of 'UnityEngine.Transform.RotateAround' for the      argument list '(UnityEngine.Vector3, System.Type, float)' was found.   Here is my script:   #pragma strict   function Start () {   }   function Update () {    var mountain : GameObject; // This will return the game object named Hand in the scene.    mountain = GameObject.Find("QuantumCold_B");    transform.RotateAround(mountain.transform.position, Vector2,20 * Time.deltaTime);     }   What I am trying to do is circle around a mountain object which is a mesh.  
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