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  1. 2d game art for ouya

    Deeee thanks a lot! I heard about the "skeletal" animation before, I though it was complicated, but doing some research it is not that hard, what I'm doing right now is to draw the sprites and use the bezier tool to work in inkscape, and finally add some details. For the hair and the cape animation, I think it can be possible to achieve, but it will require more effort, I'll play with the nodes in inkscape. Thanks to all I'll post the sprites as .gif for all of you to look the result. Greetings.   (by the way, I found this tutorial http://goo.gl/eGwrn)
  2. 2d game art for ouya

    Thanks again. Kryzon I agree I have to run some tests to look how the game is looking in different resolutions. Deeee I visited your blog it is great, i would give it a shot again to inkscape, but I'm not really sure about vectors. Here's an example of the graphics I'll like to achieve: http://goo.gl/uX0XIF for raster, and if I got to go with vectorial I'll would try this http://goo.gl/ClSjn But if I make the sprites in vector graphics in the end the game engine will transform the sprites in  raster isn't it? It would be a challenge anyway. If some have techniques to share that would be awsome. Regards.
  3. 2d game art for ouya

    Ravyne, Kryzon, thanks a lot for the reply you opened my eyes a little. I was trying to make pixel art (like Castlevania Order of Ecclesia) and I found tutorials where is recommended to draw the sprites in higher resolutions than the final product, for example: if the sprite is 64x64 do it at 128x128 and so on. But I dont really understand this, like you Ravyne said I could make that the engnie do the work and other people said that scale the images etc. About the final result on TV, the game so far doesn't have the change resolution option, we are making a demo maybe I could work in that later, and the game is for one player, so the camera is going to focus on the player's sprite, so I could program the window (or screen) on the game that only show certain area around the character, I will try the advice you gave me to fit in all without problems. Thanks again both of you, I'll keep you posted about the game, we actually plan to do a development diary and release it for free on Ouya. Greetings.
  4. 2d game art for ouya

    Hi gamedev,  recently I started a project with a couple of friends, we are trying to develop a game for ouya console, since we all are really noobs developing games, we are programmers, designers etc. but never tried to make a game before, well we only have experience with Game Maker and that kind of basic stuff, but we are having trouble on the art of the game. Our game it's a simple 2d platform game, and our main problem is the art, we tried vector (inkscape) raster (gimp) but we are not sure what's the best option to go for it. It is hard to decide for a few reasons: 1.- Does having an raster game (gimp) it's bad for the resolution of the game on the different screens of the players/users? 2.- Is vector (inkscape) graphics the best choice? The difficult about vector graphics is that making a sprite for me can be really hard, and at the end of the sprite it looks like a cartoon. (I want to achieve a castlevania or metroid sprites type of art that is used on gameboy series). So I'm trying right now to use gimp as pixel art tool, and I think it is way easier to make the sprites, but I don't know if it is the best way to do it because I don't want that the sprite looks blury at the end. And finally at the end I think that no matter what the game (in this case with AndEngine) will show the graphics a raster, is that true? So can anyone please tell me what is the proper way for making sprites, and if my firends do the backgrounds in inkscape and I do the sprites in gimo it would be a problem? If someone has a tutorial that would be great! (insert meme here) Basically that it doesn't look bad in any resolution and doesn't look like a cartoon. Sorry for my bad english, it is not my mother tongue. Thanks.