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    How to put a MMORPG development team together to create a game prototype for funding

    @jbadams:   Great input, thank you. I'm a bit in a rush but I'll explore your message and the links in it in detail later on today.     @frob:   Excellent input, yet from a certain product / development point-of-view. What I mean by that is, technologies change and allow for different approaches, and products in general can be like apples and pears, that seem similar yet are also very different from each other.   "If you honestly meant MMO, then I will assume your business plan details things like..." - yes and somewhat and no. The somewhat and no part not due to my oversight, but simply because at this time, that is not a real concern but "down the road" (AKA following "evolution" / versions of the game) they will become an issue. And yes, I meant MMO in the "down the road" project.   "So, did you mean a real MMO, or did you mean a more simple online game?" - thus, MMO in the long run but initially it would definitely be a "limited memberships" type of game. As good as someone can make predictions in terms of business development, there are simply too many variables, especially when going global, such as change of technologies over the years and market development and thus competition, therefore the future holds the answer on whether this project will ever truly become a MMO in the fullest sense of its meaning.   "...there is a link to how to develop a basic online world server in under a day, and develop a simple isometric online multiplayer world in less than a week..." - yup, done that myself already a few weeks ago in one day actually, with the graphics (not gameplay yet) capabilities and layout very similar to the game Jagged Alliance 2. So yeah, that was good fun and instant gratification with successful testing of a few simultaneously connected players.   In terms of funding the development, I have actually developed a new idea here and Kickstarter seems only an "add-on" viability, as the above mentioned YouTube vid also showed in the scenario of that developer, at least.
  2. SpaceColonizationMmorpg

    How to put a MMORPG development team together to create a game prototype for funding

    @Brian Schmidt - I did watch the YouTube vid, it was quite informative starting mid-way to the end, so thank you for that.     @"JTippetts" - all you brought on was just a bunch of unfounded criticism that therefore just came across hostile and in specifically one instance outright wrong in general (tip: alphas AKA technology demos are made to proof a specific technology, therefore in fact showing that such individual / group does have that specific knowledge and that it is technological feasible in a product).     So to make things more clear, I will summarize:   I have everything (including a business plan, development plan, technologies know-how and general business and specifically experience in creating video games, as part of my several decades of professional experience working in the IT industry and my education) that is required to start with turning this idea for a MMORPG into a commercial (and according to the figures commercially successful) product, minus the funds, some things to take care of on the business side and the required "talent" / HR.   I am looking for information (tips, ideas, ...) on how to address the HR issue, specifically where to post on the Internet to advertise the opportunity to an as large as possible (yet suitable) audience, preferably free of charge. To add that "talent" to the project is important so that a prototype can be produced to attract funding.
  3. SpaceColonizationMmorpg

    How to put a MMORPG development team together to create a game prototype for funding

      Hi Brian - and thank you for your input. Yet again (and I hate to sound like a complainer, and it's not entirely a complaint because I still got some info out of it and you did put quite some effort into your message) - you're completely past of what my original post asked.   But considering what you said, that is probably important input for a lot of people, however I am very familiar with Kickstarter, its process, legal implications and such but also video game project specific issues, as the ones you have mentioned. I could provide input related to your concerns and my planning to avoid those pitfalls, but you have not asked for that and if someone is interested then feel free to ask and I would be happy to explain then.   So all in all, thank you for your efforts in what you wrote, I am still in need of getting some more input on my original question - how / where specifically to find project / team members AKA where and how (what approach / method would you suggest) would it be most sensible to advertise for my project to acquire respectively qualified HRs.
  4. SpaceColonizationMmorpg

    How to put a MMORPG development team together to create a game prototype for funding

      That... is interesting info, yet went completely past what my question was. However, considering you mentioned "seed funding", could you elaborate perhaps a bit on that - how does it work (is it private individual funding, crowd funding, ...; what do I / the team / the project give in return; what are the legal implications if there are any, in terms of personal liabilities to deliver and such) and where would you go to (on the Internet and / or in real life / in person) to attract such funding?   Thank you for the current input and advance thanks for future input!
  5. Looking for tips on how (where on the Internet preferably for free, methodology / approach, ...) to put a browser-based MMORPG development team together to create a game prototype.   Some details worth mentioning:   1. I have been working for over half a decade on the design (both business model, game design and technological aspects) of a space based (think EVE Online) MMORPG.   2. I have developed some alpha stage pieces that focus on game mechanics and are not graphically impressive.   3. I do not have enough capital to just fund people myself, so I am looking for enthusiasts who would want to participate in this as a "hobby" project (yet closed-source; I do know about NDAs and such).   4. The most appealing and likely to succeed type of funding would be crowd funding, which, for this type of project, requires a team and at least an alpha stage working prototype.   The technologies / programming knowledge that will be required for this prototype stage project are mainly WebGL and WebSockets.   So my question is, where can I find people like who'd want to participate in a "hobby" project which can become a fully funded game development project? I suppose game development departments at universities might be a good starting point - but how to approach these... calling or emailing and if the latter then who to write (head of department, individual professors, ...?) and what to say?   Or even better, are there any popular and free forums to post such a project at?   And what would any of you suggest how should I approach people, how should I introduce the project and myself? I'm asking because this is intended to become a mainstream commercial MMORPG, so I can't give out too much info, which might put off some people, so maybe someone has any tips on what to reveal and what not to, and how to go about in doing so.
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