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    OK, so... what now?

  2. ShadowFlar3

    What makes a good 3D modeler?

    Yes. But I don't see why they had to be. Modeling is completely different from drawing, painting or sculpting something in real life. Modeling requires many kinds of additional skills of an artists that wishes to learn it. You could be a godlike modeler having never held a pen or paint brush.   Why in practice many 3D artists are also good with 2D and traditional art? Because they are interested in designing and recreating shapes and outside virtual environments pen and paper or sculpting are the ways to do that.   In practice for modeler it is also common to do some of the design and texturing in addition to the modeling the shape and often that is a job where artistic eye and 2D skillset becomes handy.       Yes. You can definitely learn modeling whether you can draw or not. In fact pure hard surface modeling (buildings, machines, etc) doesn't really require any freehand skills, you can just extrude the shapes using purely numerical entry or blueprints.
  3.   Because Portal's game world where the player completed puzzles was in fact made to be just that: an artificial environment where the subject completes tasks that test thinking and timing. The AI could very well be talking directly to the player instead of the player character. Portal eliminated the need for real world environment by making their game about imprisonment and cruel experiment where the environment was built specifically for the testing purposes.   Another such example would be Tranquillity Lane from Fallout 3 that is a virtual world where people were being trapped. The player character knows it's not real so in this limited cases there's no room for immersion in terms of assessing the plausibility.   While these are nice examples of how some games with unique starting points were made quite plausible not every game can be about forced experiment, oppression and imprisonment to justify obviously limited environment. In a game where you want to involve realism, adventure or free will / open world themes it's impossible to find a comparable plausible explanation for the limitations in game world such as absolute boundaries the player is contained within that the he eventually bounces against.    Because the criteria for plausibility is not simply "imprisonment" like in Portal's case, but something much more complex. "There are no toilets in these shopping centers". "Nobody would want to live there next to motorway." "Where does the mailman deliver the mail in this city block?". "There's not nearly enough parking space in the city." "The cars never stop driving." As the game developers seek to emulate a city or other set that is involved with huge amount of people going through it in various roles it's bound to be incomplete and unrealistic when the viewer gets critical enough.   Portal was ingenious in many aspects but I wouldn't have all games try to find a reason for the unavoidable limitations in game design. I value the illusion and rather play games where I think I have a huge amount of choice than games that were reduced to environment that directly states there's only one thing for the player to do (as there mostly actually is).
  4. ShadowFlar3

    College or Solo?

    Ok sounds good, as long as you know game design and game programming are two entirely different areas in professional game development and that as a programmer you very rarely get to work on your own ideas of games or features.
  5. ShadowFlar3

    College or Solo?

    If you don't mind me asking, how are you so set on the idea of becoming game programmer if you don't know any programming yet? 
  6. But isn't that game design decision rather than programming decision?
  7. ^ One very fine rant indeed and fits this topic like a glove. Take my +1
  8. Many of the things you list don't really hurt the immersion. Before you started to think whether you could use the empty barrel to jump on that fence and jump that awning so you can walk the rooftops to a building that had the door locked the immersion was already broken.   When you are traversing the environment looking for where they have used a gimmicky wall or wall-like structure to limit visibility and give occlusion culling a chance you are not immersed whether you can find any or not.   Indeed the more you know about game development, design and business the harder it is to relax and sink in to a game world while you are distracted by various things that peak your professional interest.   The immersion is not about "I am me, the player. I am here in this environment that I can freely interact with like I would in real world." At least it's impossible to build a game around this goal.   To me immersion is about assuming the role of the character and getting adapted into the game world rules however arbitrary they might be. "Oh shit, I will die if one more zombie bites me and I know I can't walk past this one because the corridor is so narrow he will always be able to grab me. I don't want to die. I don't have many bullets left but I have to spend some here..." If they weren't immersed they would just try it since they saved the game 9 seconds ago and can always try again.
  9. ShadowFlar3

    I'm Getting Sick of The Same Posts Over and Over

      Go to school.
  10. ShadowFlar3

    Chances of getting Blackmoor Bay crowdfunded

    For me, it's not the content or level of detail / effects but how the game is presented, again.   The feeling of rushing is because player is moving in too linear way. I know you have played this a million times and know what to do but as someone first laying his eyes on the game world you created I feel like I want to see more and that I have no idea where to go. I want to wander and explore. But the player on video snaps on the tracks and does stuff without stopping to think and the viewer can't relate to that.   Honestly when I said "gameplay material" I was thinking about your "feature set complete" statement and assumed you had some of this you wanted to show. You could do it in a way that supports building the atmosphere. For example first make camera drives in the pouring rain and then show small scene of fireplace being lit bringing warmth and juxtaposing the elements.   I like the end where you zoom back to the lighthouse. You could depict it from frog perspective to give it a little mystery and intimidation if that's your intention.   I feel like there's no real need to wait for later production stage with what you got, I'd be interested to seeing another version of the trailer with a bit more cinematic sections mixed in. But whenever you decide to go for it remember to slow down in the gameplay and do non-linear editing to break up the pace and bring variance in the trailer. Could definitely take more text to give the viewer something to chew on while enjoying the view.
  11. ShadowFlar3

    I'm Getting Sick of The Same Posts Over and Over

    What I don't get is why people suggest this kind of system that is made too difficult for what it is.   Ie. if there should be people deciding whether post appears on the forum or not or if there's a delay, it should be the moderators. If some content covered by FAQ should not be posted in the beginner sections then you can make it clear and moderators can enforce it more or less gracefully, to the best of their abilities and per-case basis. There's no need for extra layers.   Currently the posts get effectively answered appropriately and people get redirected to where they should be looking by people of many different experience levels without dividing the advisors into moderators / sub-moderators / intermediate / beginner users. Don't regulate what you don't need to.   Peace =)
  12. ShadowFlar3

    I'm Getting Sick of The Same Posts Over and Over

    Numbers, let's use them!   1) I looked into it when I hit 1000 and didn't get crossbones. FYI I was also about to publish 2 articles before I ran into an issue with the site moderation and decided not to do it. I'm familiar with how little the crossbones means, "know how forum works" and can also point it out to you that articles are not part of the forums.   2) Where was this referring to? Please use "Selective Quote" button. Apparently you don't know how the FORUM works. Assuming it relates to where I answered second quote from slicer...it doesn't make sense. If you got something to say about my interpretation or opinion on your system, refer to the parts where I discuss it.   3) What? Maybe I didn't get your numbering right? Can it make some sense as an answer to third part in any way...no?   4) The problem is contained and restricted to the one area. But it's still a problem arguably.   5) That's even worse than I could have ever imagined from the scraps you provided earlier.       A post by a beginner, assigned to _one_ of the sub-moderators? And 24 hours before automatic re-assignment? Did you really think this through? What kind of hours do you think people spend on this site and in this case only to respond to a series of noob posts? Those posts could easily get assigned to someone who isn't actually online ATM and bounce back and forth for a long time. It could easily take something like 30 hours on average.         So wait, the sub-moderators both approve and disapprove the posts that get "assigned" to them" but also can remove posts (from where)? What are you on? What I can't still figure out from your "extensive research into your brilliant idea nobody just quite understands the way you do" is whether the beginner posts are actually published anywhere and in which case.   I think I'll stick to how I interpreted it in the first place. Being a limited visibility pool of posts (such as subforum) that any spare sub-moderator could dip in when he has time makes much more sense.     A system where each post gets assigned to _one_ of the moderators and no other moderators can do anything with it? Sure they have. No, the moderators do what they can when they can when they see moderation is needed, they aren't exclusively assigned symmetrical cases on arbitrary basis unless it their paid day job.       I have no interest in make you look bad, I'm only interested in how to handle the problem. I'm only highlighting the fact that you're proposing building a heavy and redundant system that establishes the opposite of your intentions due to your limited scope in planning and less than punctual phrasing. Unknowingly.
  13. ShadowFlar3

    I'm Getting Sick of The Same Posts Over and Over

    How is begging for a decorative title after your name "contributing"?    "I disagree your view posted hours ago accurately describes this system I just made up and typed in this very same post" No, quite surprisingly I was commenting on OPs proposition that actually existed by the time I posted.   I didn't state that frequenters were explicitly moderators. By moderators I was referring to OPs mentoring system moderators, which would have been obvious if you read my previous sentences that you quoted just above.   Wow, look at you! Despite all the stumbling and getting lost you still arrive where I was leading you. We have the beginners-subforum already where the "problem" is more or less contained with adequate results/effort ratio.   You're suggesting: - make current "for beginners" subforum only visible to some group of "sub-moderators" (I'm not going to use the word mentor, I don't find it accurate in the system you describe) making it some kind of "secret forum" - make a new "for proper beginners" subforum that is identical to the above closed subforum where proper posts are moved - beginners only see the good posts on the "for proper beginners" subforum and aren't exposed to the trash their kind is responsible of (that they really need to see) - most people opt to become "sub-moderators" so they can see and act on the posts on the exciting "secret forum"! and will be exposed to the trash. Everybody wants to see them and nobody wants to try to answer them.   => duplicate beginner forums, new fuzzy sub-moderator group to manage and for what? So that beginners will be spared from the unwanted content while only the most experienced selected few carry the burden to single handedly answer every iteration of spam type posts by PM. Because the noobs can't even see that certain stuff like programming language gets asked a lot they will ask it a lot more. Who's up?
  14. ShadowFlar3

    I'm Getting Sick of The Same Posts Over and Over

    What the hell do you guys think the For Beginners forum is, if not that?   It was my freaking point. This system is already virtually there. I was against this. God. Way to read and then lash at the only person highlighting the fact for the likes of you.
  15. ShadowFlar3

    Chances of getting Blackmoor Bay crowdfunded

    Yeah, obviously your trailer is not going to be with explosions and lasers and doing running jumps. It's going to be about... well, what your game is about. Focusing on the story start with the conflict and bring in the diversifiers but don't reveal too much. Don't worry about the GUI or any other content you don't want to show yet, focus on what looks nice and delvers the atmosphere you're going for.   TBH I assumed you had a clear view of where to aim for having mentioned some great names like Dear Esther. I was there when it was released as HL2 mod and I can tell you they had nothing but couple images and some piano tracks there IIRC. It was truly a hidden gem and people were blown away having played it after all the countless unoriginal HL2 mods. The current trailer for the game is not a bad reference and source of inspiration, just don't feel bad if you can't go for the same visual perfection. Be confident, It was once no better than your project is now. :)
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