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  1. Hello there...   Would it be possible to start a free LLC company if I made it non-profit? Any more info on this?
  2. lead and organization

    Hi!   It was really! But I mean more with:   Organization - How should I then get them to maintain pro. comm, be active and so on? Strict - I mean more like, well, this sounds like a dumb question, but "how many smilies should i use" - get me?
  3. Hello there,   Some day in the future, very far-away future, Id like to start a game development team. but im not sure how to lead the team. Here are a few quesitons:   - how should i organize it? should i use like model leads, and what should their responsibility be ? - should i be a strict leader? id like more info on how i should be as a leader   thnx, hope to hear an answer or more soon! Thnx!