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    Eerie soundtracks

      This sounds fantastic, unfortunately its way over budget, i couldnt really justify spending any more than £120 at the present time, its definitely something ill keep in mind for future projects though. As for the DAW, I'm running windows, so im not sure i would be able to.   I had a quick go at making something on audacity using samples of stuff and fiddling around with them a little. Would you mind telling me what you think? I tried to get back to the eerie theme, and i think it came off pretty well https://soundcloud.com/jumblatts/tip-of-the-iceberg/s-e1vcl   EDIT: Ive just looked at the sticky thread on DAW's, ill have a more in depth look in the morning but they seem pretty good and some of them are in budget too, thanks for the heads up!
  2. Jumblatts

    Eerie soundtracks

    The thing with the textures on sibelius, particularly the gliss, is that it sounds fake, and it stands out a mile from any of the other sounds, the tremolo is quite good, and i used that a bit in some of the pieces, particularly on the timps.   I do have audacity, and i had thought of taking samples and using them, but only for sound effects rather than musically. ill have a go at taking some samples and having a mess around with them all. what would you suggest? because what i dont really want to happen is for it to become a sibeluis score, with some random sound effects dotted around, and i dont have any of the orchestral instruments on hand to use for a live recording (im a guitarist, what can i say? :P )
  3. Jumblatts

    Eerie soundtracks

    The main problem i have is my samples, like you mentioned. All i have to go on is sibelius, and its a fairly low budget production so i cant get anything better. Whilst i like the idea of a full orchestral score, the other reason i picked it is because they are the samples that sound closest to what they are supposed to be; all the others are computer generated rather than live recorded. Ill have a look at time signatures and tonality and try to make some of the pieces disjointed, but as for the textures im pretty limited. Would you say it would be better/more realistic to go for a more sombre soundtrack than eerie, due to my limitations?   and m4uesviecr, ill check out resident evil, thanks for pointing it out
  4. Jumblatts

    Eerie soundtracks

    Hey guys, sorry about the links, hopefully these ones will work, they're direct from my soundcloud.   https://soundcloud.com/jumblatts/umbra/s-xUjqh Umbra, the title track of the game and the main menu theme, i wanted to keep it simple and space-y   https://soundcloud.com/jumblatts/columbia/s-IrXTT Columbia, The main theme of the space station, i tried to capture the 'everyone on this platform is dead' feel   https://soundcloud.com/jumblatts/lights-out/s-Ahn7h Lights out! a mini boss fight   https://soundcloud.com/jumblatts/gulch/s-Jnbbf Gulch, One of the main bosses   Feedback would be appreciated, I'll have a look into Dead Space too, thanks for the heads up!
  5. Jumblatts

    Eerie soundtracks

    Hey all!   Im writing a soundtrack for a 2D platformer set on a derilict space station, the general idea is creepy and eerie, and I was just wondering if any of you guys had any particular favourite soundtracks of that sort. My main point of reference for the pieces ive done so far was bioshock 2, i really like the feel of the solo strings and the atmosphere they create.   If youre interested, below are some links to what ive got so far, none of which are complete yet but they should give an idea as to what im looking for.   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80057791/gameintro.mp3   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80057791/ambience%201.mp3   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80057791/menu1.mp3   Thanks!
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