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  1. Vectorial 2D Platformer

    Thank you for the link to that article.    I know have a better understanding of the higher-level design and what type of work I need to put in to get something like this working.    What would be the best way to store and retrieve the data for map?   Like I mentioned earlier, in a tile editor, something like x == 'grass tile' would work. But with the vectorial technique, how would the data structure look like? Would it be something like: {      sprite: "path to sprite .png",       vectorPath: [{x: 1, y: 1}, {x: 2, y:2}] }
  2. Vectorial 2D Platformer

    Hello all,    I'm very new to game development and I was interested in building a 2D Platformer.    I have built a 2D game before but it was a tile based game. I want to create a game where I can have hills and different slopes that the user can climb on. Similar to what the game Braid has.    I was doing my research and I have found that the technique is "vectorial". How would one start to look into creating a game like this? Most 2D tile games have a tile editor like Tiled that you can use. How would you build a map editor for such a game? What type of format should the data be in since it's probably going to be points connecting to paths. Also, how would one determine what sprite or image to use for a path?   I am really interested in this technique. If anyone could give me a good push in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.    I am most likely going to use SFML 2.1 or MonoGame to create it. Still trying to decide whether or not I want to do it in C++ or in C#.   Thank you in advance.    Kidaj