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  1. Always up to date :)   https://twitter.com/VanTrebla
  2. Hey Guys, We want to introduce you our first free Android app called “Crashtest Hero”.  The team only consist of me and my brother and we are developing over 9 month now. Work is still in progress and we will hopefully release it in about 4-5 month. We`ve tought everything ourselves from scratch. We just hit the alpha-state and because of that we have created a short preview teaser for you     Android Game - Crashtest Hero Alpha - YouTube     Features: It`s a classic bike race game, but with beautiful graphics and a nice steering mechanism. Most games of this type were designed too easy and not nice designed, so we have decided to make our own. There are plenty of cool features that will be integrated in the final version, such as: - Coins/Points - Speedboost - Achievement system (e.g. for backflips, crashes, and so on) - Bike upgrades and special equipment - Funny minigames  - Story, menu and driver animation - On launch there will be 4 different worlds and in each world 10 maps to choose from - Steering will be tuned We still have tons of cool features, planned to be realeased with future updates. If you like it, share it   For more informations visit us on facebook, follow us on twitter or google+ https://www.facebook.com/VanTrebla https://twitter.com/VanTrebla https://plus.google....501897957/posts      
  3. VanTrebla

    fuzzy .png files in photoshop

    Okay now i got you  i'm gonna test it this weekend, tanks 
  4. VanTrebla

    fuzzy .png files in photoshop

    Everything about 2048x can't be displayed (no image on the screen or totally black). yeah we can split one image into four pieces and set the original image next to it but the quality is the same... The way i export my .png out of photoshop makes a huge difference, but i think the quality can be much better with the perfect settings  We're working with the R.U.B.E, its a very new but cool Editor and maybe there are some special settings to get a better image, too.   Thank you for all your tips guys, i think we have to do more tests and get deeper into the R.U.B.E Editor   
  5. VanTrebla

    fuzzy .png files in photoshop

    Thank you for your reply  We allready tried different sizes of the images and everything above 2048 is not useable everything with 512 or 1024 is fine and can be displayed. I think my problem is still the way i have to save my images or some settings in photoshop i have to focus on. At the end of our test the result is not bad but i think it can be better...  We also split the images but we can't see any difference. 
  6. VanTrebla

    fuzzy .png files in photoshop

    Yeah sure, we use eclipse with libgdx and the R.U.B.E Editor  Here is a picture comparison:   When you open the picture with a viewer both are not that bad, but when we import it into R.U.B.E the first is blurry/not sharp and the second totally rough and cornered... Hope you understand me ;)
  7. VanTrebla

    fuzzy .png files in photoshop

    Hi there,   i have a serious problem... Everytime i save my work for our Android Game as a .png the image gets blurry and has rough edges. I used the "save for web" option but not acceptable this way... When i directly push "save as" and then .png it gets better but i wonder if there is a better way to do this? And with tranparency most images are not useable. Is there an other program to optimaze the workflow or a special setting i should use in photoshope to get clear .png images?   Thank you 
  8. VanTrebla

    2D leveldesign Illustrator/Photoshop problems

    Thank you for your reply. Yeah that could probably be the solution. We will doing some tests at the weekend, hope results getting better then   Maybe there are other solutions and tutorials, so feel free to share  
  9. I'm new here and first of all i want say hello    Me and my brother are working on an android game at the moment and we get better and better every day (we startet from the scratch...). I finished our logo, startscreen, levelmenue, App Icon and so on, but with the first leveltest appeared our problem and we can't handle it. I use Illustrator an Photoshop for our levels. You can see an example of my work below, that is only a test and not the final result. But i didn't really know how to start... (resolution, ppi all that stuff) so i started without a plan.     The main problem:   i did the first leveldesign and saved it as a .png,  everything's fine but when we imported it in the R.U.B.E. Editor ,my brother is useing, the background and everything gets blurry an totally rough, on the picture below everything looks fine but when we open it in the Editor i gets worse... (same problem with .jpeg) Can someone tell my how you would start and what is your work procedure, what we need to focus on and is there maybe a tutorial or youtube video i can learn from? I was searching endless hours but no good results... The resolution is big enough so it can't get blurry but it did, so i really don't know the error.    Hope you can reproduce my questions, my english is a bit confusing    Thank you for your help
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