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  1. well, I'm sorry for this veeeeeery late reply, I do the design in Adobe Illustrator, layering and final touch in photoshop (I know I can do all the stuff inside illustrator but I find it lot more easier in photoshop to retouch the design), and animate it in after effect, oh yea, I'm using unity by the way, after watching several tutorial, I see that people create sprite sheet which abviously 2d game, they put all frame (for ex : run frames, jump, etc) into one single PNG files.. but what I have when using after effect, that you can simply export the animation into PNG RGB + Alpha sequence which I found it lot more easier that put all the images again into one single PNG file that export them as single sprites, you can animate them as well as the one PNG file one... Did I do wrong ? 
  2. here the result, I'm quite confuse with the setting, in after effect I set the duration to 15 frame, but the result blowing to 40.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwG6eR150LUvbjYyR2l2RTdMbDQ/edit?usp=sharing
  3. [first, I'm sorry for my bad english explanation], in after effect, after you've animated something, there is export option (in render setting) that makes PNG sequence from animation you've create before... and I think it makes sprites process lots more easier rather than draw it manually. actually this is my first attempt to create sprites, do you have any suggestions which tools that fits in sprites making process ?
  4. I don't know if this a relevant question, but have you guys ever create game sprites with adobe after effect before ? or draw it manually in gimp or photoshop ?
  5. so I see a combination between 2D and 3D..
  6. cool, I wish I have dad like you (sorry for my non technical post, I'm beginner though )
  7. 1 GB seems somewhat underpowered, especially for a 64 bit OS.   Precompiled headers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precompiled_header If you include large header files, like windows.h, that file gets compiled again and again without having been changed. So you typically put these headers into one "master" .h file, and make this the source of the "precompiled header", preventing it from being compiled again if the contents didn't change. Both VC++ and GCC have support for precompiled headers. oke, so these one of my problem in including header that makes my compilations get slower and slower plus my ram didn't meet minimum requirement for x64 architecture, got it,  
  8. I see, that's what I'm concern about
  9. indeed, it's oftenly frustrating me, I have tried Dev-C++ once. but since I have a little knowledge in compiler (because my objectives is basic of programming it self) Dev-C++ drives me crazy
  10. very well sir, I've never try Qt Creator before
  11. I have to try both of them,
  12.   I have one gigabyte of memory using win 7 x64 and core i3-380M, my laptop is oftenly freeze for a couple second when I type a bunch of code also in compilation. I'm sorry for these stupid question, what does precompiled header ? 
  13. I'll try that one :)
  14. wow, thank you guys for such a amazing respons, I don't have any of this in any forum I have joined before.. I'll look forward for suggestions you have posted, thank you
  15. I meant the free one :p