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  1. thanks guys, I will try to make something with the flask framework. I start with a very very small project to test it out.
  2. hello forum, I want to know your feedback about an idea that I have. I know python html css and javascript. My idea is to make a browsergame with django and postgres/mongoDB as database. Has django enough power for a project like that? I wanted to start small with a normal user login and that the user can do some stuff after login, like run some actions . thank you
  3. I have experience with html5 css3 javascript python and c#. I worked alot with postgres dbs. I have used unity and phaser.  I wan't to spend money only on hosting , dbs.  It should be only a game for phones. like tinker island for example.
  4. Hello Forum,   I want to have your feedback about some issues for my game. I want to make a mobile multiplayer/Online game.    My question is if I should use combined with Ionic . Phaser because it's a simple and easy engine for html5 and Ionic have some nice GUI elements that are easy to use on mobile.   Should I go with firebase database or mongoDB? or should I try others like PostgreSQL etc..   What are your favourites or have you ever tried something similar?   I'm very happy to read your feedbacks.   Thank you
  5. hello people, i'm wondering how games like mobile strike, game of war are made? in the ios store I see a lot of games with the same background. my question is if they use an engine or the build this stuff from scratch with the same style idea?? have anybody an information about that?? Thank you.
  6. Here   I would learn first a real programming language C# / C++ for that, I'm working with unity3d and I use C# but it is possible to use Javascript too.   Unity3d Learn has alot of Tutorial for your first time.
  7. hakura88

    Is unity3d good for this?

    Thank you all for your input. I'm really happy that I started this week with unity3d. I'm learning now the software, programming in C# or Javascript is not my problem at the moment.  I have started with the Tutorials of the unity3d learn page and I'm really motivated to continue this courses.   So thank you guys.
  8. I have a really base question.   My Question is, how to beginn with a game like "Game of War" , Mobile Strike, Thrones, Clash of Kings, etc.   Is this possible to create something with unity3d? Are there any tutorial.   I'm searching an engine that is perfect for those types of games. I can programm html, css ,javascript, python, but I want to learn an engine like unity3d. But it's really expensive.   What is the best way for making those art of games?    
  9. Indeed it would, and you can even get frameworks like ionic that wrap a html5 container into a native app so you can put it on the app store of various phones.       Wow cool, thank you for this
  10. Hi everybody,   I have a question about programming a game for mobile, in the art like other Browsergames but not so big. This should be only for learning new stuff in the programming.   I prefer to use python.    What are the best programming language that I can use to create a Browsergame for mobile?   I see that with Xamarian I can write with c# good mobile applications. But I think there is more?   Thank you all for the help.
  11. hakura88

    How they made this game?

    I'm just interessted in how they maked this game. :)
  12. hakura88

    How they made this game?

    Hi,   Anybody knows how they make this game:   What code language, I think they have done it with php or python?     Thank you for the answers =)
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